Photo bomb! Cristiano Ronaldo with a beard: Georgina Rodríguez doesn’t know him!

Be careful because the one that has been involved in the last hours on Instagram with a photo of Cristiano Ronaldo has been of the fat ones. It is very common that each of the images that the Christian himself hangs becomes viral.

After all, he is still the person with the largest number of followers on Instagram on the entire planet, so that any image he posts ends up becoming a matter of debate. Of course, his more than, eye, 197 million followers in this social network alone have been stunned to see one of the latest images of Madeira crack.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s picture

A photo that, of course, has not been uploaded by Ronaldo himself, but has appeared in one of the many accounts dedicated to him. But be careful because it is not exactly one more image, but it is the first time we can see that of Turin Juventus with a beard.

Yes, you read that right, an image of CR7 wearing a beard has appeared. And of course, as expected, the networks have turned upside down. So far nobody has confirmed or denied if the photo is real or is a montage. The truth is that it seems real, or at least that is what many of his followers point out.

The question that has placed on the table the account in which it has been published is whether or not Cristiano fits his beard. And of course, considering that the Portuguese are one of the celebrities that has more impact, the responses have been very numerous.

The curious thing is that the vast majority have opted for Cristiano’s best-known option, that of a well-shaved Ronaldo. Surely the habit of seeing it like this has caused many and many do not like it with a beard. The best of all is that, if one day Georgina Rodríguez’s partner, who must have been dying to see him, opt for this new look, he already knows what response he will have on the networks.

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