Photo of Cristiano Ronaldo on vacation with his family causes a lot of controversy; see the reason

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the portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldofrom Manchester United, continues to enjoy his vacation from the European season with his family and register the main moments on social networks.

And a photo posted on his official Instagram account last Tuesday (14th) has been causing a lot of controversy among CR7’s followers. (see post below).

The image shows the striker with his wife Georgina Rodriguez and their children Cristiano Junior, Mateo, Eva and Alana Martina at a table with plenty of food. In the caption, Cristiano Ronaldo wrote: “Holidays with love”.

Some people noticed the presence of an unusual object on the table: a pack of cigarettes right in the corner, next to a cell phone.

And this caused strangeness, as CR7 has always made clear his contempt for alcoholic beverages, sodas and cigarettes.

“A lot of people have the image of football players as people who like to go out all the time, spend their money lavishly and like to date a lot of women,” he said in a recent interview with “Hello!” magazine.

“But I don’t drink alcohol, I hate cigarettes and I don’t spend a lot of money,” explained the 37-year-old veteran striker.

But whose cigarettes are they? Netizens speculate that the packet belongs to the person who took the photo. It could be Ronaldo’s brother, Hugo Aveiro, who has been seen several times smoking, or another family member.

But it’s certainly not Cristiano Ronaldo’s.

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