Photographer of “The Blue Dress” charged with attempted murder

this is another discussion keir johnson It must have been a good time. The 38-year-old Briton, best known for posting “The Dress”, a viral picture of a blue dress whose color has been debated, is today the subject of sentencing for the attempted murder of his wife.

Seven years after becoming an internet sensation, a Scottish native of Colonsay Island is currently on trial for the attempted murder of his wife. Grace Johnson As revealed in March last year Times report, In addition, the person in question must have carried out a campaign of aggression and harassment on their partner for about 11 years. The latter thus appeared before the High Court of Glasgow and denied all charges against him. The case will continue with a new preliminary hearing before the trial begins in 2024.

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The victim described several scenes of violence, including an attempt at strangulation. Grace Johnson was then pushed against a wall by her partner and threatened with a knife. The latter also narrated a scene of rare violence in his car. While the woman had locked herself inside her vehicle to save herself, the man must have entered through the open window. She also told that she was dragged out of the pub when she refused to leave the premises with him. Relatives claimed that the husband had alienated his wife and was monitoring her finances.

first discussion in 2015

You’d have to go back to 2015 to remember this Brit’s first media achievement. At that time, she spread on social networks a viral photo of a dress whose color is controversial. In fact, no matter how crazy it sounds, some people believe that it is blue and black, while others believe that it is white and gold. The answer gets so intriguing that the photo gets 11,000 comments per minute with the hashtag the dress. Kim Kardashian, Justin Biber Or Taylor Swift Enjoyed giving my opinion. the couple finally got there the ellen degeneres show To reveal the true color of the dress which was blue and black.

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