“Photos of 2010”. Russia’s dirty bomb bluff revealed – Time

Russia used a photo taken in Slovenia – even dating back to 2010 – to validate on Twitter its accusations about the “dirty bomb” that the government of Ukraine is currently working on. The complaint to unmask Moscow is from the Slovenian government. The photo was used “in bad faith and behind the backs of the Slovenian authorities,” accused Dragan Barbutovski, one of the men in Prime Minister Robert Golob’s office.

At the origin of the controversy, the accusations that the Russian government has been making in Kiev for days, that is, of preparing a “dirty bomb”. On Monday, the Russian Foreign Ministry accompanied a message posted in English on Twitter with a photo of a nuclear power plant, a storage site for radioactive waste, reactors and even plastic bags containing exhausted uranium and plutonium (the word appears on the bags “Radioaktivno”, which in Slovenian means “radioactive”). Well, according to the Slovenian government, one of the photos used in the Russian tweet “dates back to 2010”, was used in various scientific conferences and was published without Ljubljana giving consent. According to the Slovenian government, “radioactive waste is safely stored and monitored and will not be used to create dirty bombs”.

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