Photoshop or padding? The size of Ariana Grande grows steadily! Look at the video


Ariana Grande has posted a video on her Instagram account in which she makes it very clear that her lips are increasingly larger. The obsession of the American singer with fleshy lips begins to be sickly.

In the beginning, she was accused of not having lips, then she began to paint them in a very shameless way and lately it seems that she has thrown infill, although there are those who doubt the use of photoshop in many of her photos.

However, in the video below, the photoshop has hardly been able to intervene and whether the filling or the botox.

Crying for a dog

And is that the image of Ariana Grande came by having seen a puppy in the street she had fallen in love with.

This was explained by herself: “I just went through one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen in my life. I will be thinking about her for a long time. She will never know how much our brief interaction meant to me, but she would do anything to just kiss goodbye, Fergie. ”

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shy girl

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It’s okay?

That emotional sensibility so great on the part of the American singer begins to worry her fans, who have seen Ariana Grande cry too many times in the past year and a half.

The Boca Raton is not going through a great moment and it shows. Her fans try to cheer her up, but despite the number of likes of her posts and the fullness of her concerts the thing doesn’t improve.

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