Photovoltaics in 2022 – summary, news and forecasts

There is no need to convince anyone that 2021 was a breakthrough for the renewable energy industry. The demand for photovoltaic installations has increased several times compared to recent years, with the simultaneous problem with the availability of products and the general increase in prices. At the same time, new laws and plans appeared that had an impact on the RES market even before they came into force. International solar PV distributor, Memodo, summed up the previous year and revealed what awaits us at the beginning of 2022.

When photovoltaics entered the Polish market, the renewable energy industry was booming. Installations were built at an amazing pace, and solar farms gained popularity that no one expected. However, the year 2021 brought many changes that had an impact on the entire industry. While more households decided to use solar energy, installers were in a frenzy – all due to new laws and changes introduced by the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

Does this mean that photovoltaics is no longer profitable? No, although there were many who tried to convince the public to do so. The end of 2021 is not only changes in the settlement system for the owners of photovoltaic installations, but also the long-announced high increases in electricity prices. A medium-sized household can expect bills higher by approx. 24%! This is only confirmed by the scenario that everyone is talking about today – electricity prices will continue to grow, so the only reasonable option to avoid increases is to invest in energy from renewable sources.

2021 in Memodo

2021 was also difficult for solar PV distributors. The problem was the limited availability of components, the overall increase in prices and the difficulties in international transport. How did Memodo deal with this situation?

Although we have been operating on the Polish market for a relatively short time, the experience gained over the years on foreign markets allowed us to end this difficult year with a satisfactory result. However, due to the still unstable situation, it is worth planning your purchases and booking selected components in advance – emphasizes Jonas Kasal, Memodo Technical Director.

Photovoltaics what will 2022 look like?

We already know that announced by the Ministry of Climate and Environment will not enter into force until April 2022, and not in January, as originally announced. This means that if you decide to install a photovoltaic installation by the end of March, you can still count on settlement in the “old” net metering system. However, this does not mean that the solar industry will simply stop growing in April, quite the contrary. Experts estimated that the key to increasing the profitability of photovoltaics will be increased self-consumption – the higher the self-consumption, the lower the electricity bills will be. Energy storage facilities, the potential of which has not been fully used so far, will also gain popularity.

Memodo quality and innovation

In 2022, Memodo focused on introducing new products to its offer, thanks to which it will be possible to implement even the most demanding investments. The distributor has established further cooperation, incl. with producers of the brands Meyer Burger, Sunways, Pylontech or EGing. The latest components from well-known partners such as Jinko or SolarEdge will also be available in the first quarter.

Jinko 445 Wp modules

This is another proposal of the Jinko photovoltaic module with even higher power. The main advantages of Jinko 445 Wp are: Tiling Ribbon technology, Multi-Busbar, Half Cell cells and a 25-year linear power warranty. The module has a black frame and is also suitable for smaller home installations. From now on, the modules are also available in the Memodo offer, but it is worth booking in advance.

Energy storage system Sunways three-phase hybrid inverters + Pylontech batteries

From 2022, Memodo became the official distributor of Sunways products. The offer includes three-phase hybrid inverters – Sunways 8 kW and Sunways 10 kW. The inverters are compatible with Pylontech batteries, the biggest advantage of which is the scaling system. It provides flexible configurations from 144 V to 336 V and capacities from 10.65 kWh to 24.86 kWh.

SolarEdge Optimizers and Inverters

The new SolarEdge S-series optimizers with a maximum current of 14.5 A are suitable for all modules up to 440 Wp. The module-mounted optimizers are compatible with all SolarEdge inverters.

Meyer Burger modules

The flagship product of the Swiss giant. Meyer Burger Modules – Developed in Switzerland, Made exclusively in Germany. The company focuses on sustainable development: the panels generate a low carbon footprint and are recyclable. Importantly, the manufacturer gives a 25-year product and performance warranty.

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