Photovoltaics in Poland. Prices are going to rise

Photovoltaic in Poland is getting more expensive. First of all, it was felt when buying solar modules in bulk. With time, end users also began to feel the price increases.

Photovoltaic installations in Poland are becoming more and more expensive. High demand along with rising component costs and more expensive transport translate into higher prices for end customers. Journalists of the GlobEnergia website have made an analysis that shows the changes in the prices of photovoltaic installations over the last eight months.

Journalists asked a friendly company that deals with the implementation of photovoltaic installations to compare the prices in April and December 2021. The discussed was a photovoltaic installation with a power of 9.75 kWp, made on the ground, trapezoidal sheet and ceramic tile. In both cases, prices were quoted based on exactly the same components.

Electricity prices in Poland may be the highest in the European Union

Electricity prices in Poland may be the highest in the European Union

The calculations included an installation made of Phono Solar half-cut photovoltaic modules with a power of 375 W and a Huawei inverter with a power of 10 kW. In addition, full cabling was also taken into account with all necessary protections, measurements and necessary documentation, and all other costs that the company normally incurs when carrying out the installation.

Comparison of the price of a photovoltaic installation in April and December 2021

Place of installation

APRIL 2021




PLN 40,000 gross

PLN 46 700 gross

16.75 percent

Trapezoidal metal sheet

35,000 PLN gross

PLN 39,400 gross

12.57 percent

Ceramic tile

37 900 PLN gross

PLN 42,500 gross


average price

PLN 37,633 gross

PLN 42 867 gross

13.90 percent

According to a comparison prepared by GlobEnergia, over eight months a photovoltaic micro installation with a power of about 10 kWp increased by an average of 14 percent. The largest increase in prices concerns the installation of photovoltaics on the ground – it is almost 17 percent. growth.

Bogdan Szymański, president of the Association of the Photovoltaic Industry Polska PV, believes that higher margins and assembly costs may be maintained in the first quarter of 2022. In the commentary to the discussed analysis, he added, however, that it is difficult to predict further trends on the Polish photovoltaic market. They will depend to a large extent on the global development of the renewable energy market, as well as on the ever-increasing costs of transport.

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