Physiotherapist who ‘danced’ with newborn in lab coat pocket removed from duty

a physical therapist At the Marieta Konder Bornhausen Hospital in Itajai, South Carolina, she “danced” with a newborn in her white coat pocket away from function by the outsourced company that provided the service. As of this Tuesday (15th), the specialist was still suspended by the Regional Physical Therapy Council of Santa Catarina (Crefito-10).

According to the entity of the category, disciplinary ethics process opened to women. State Prosecutor’s Office (MPSC) installed the instructions in the episode that Tuesday as well.Click here for information g1.

Physiotherapist record sing and dance A song sung while carrying a tiny patient in the pocket of a white coat was shared on social media. Internet users criticize the attitude Due to the experts and their ill effects, the private sector-controlled health sector classified this fact as isolated and informed them in a note that all legal action was being taken “as rigorously as possible”.

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case investigation

The agency further stated: trying to identify other parties within the episode. The hospital has not released the baby’s condition.

“Appropriate action will be taken, taking into account the decisions of the specialty regulatory body (Crefito-10) and the hospital,” Dr. Vitale Ficiotherapia said in a statement.

The regional council for this category in the state of Santa Catarina said a body inspector visited the infirmary and confirmed the identity of the physiotherapist. The conclusion of investigative procedures initiated by an organization may raise issues such as: suspension and the Cancellation of professional registration Female.

If confirmed, she could receive a preventive suspension during the ethical proceedings and be expelled until the proceedings are completed, at which point it may be revoked. ”

Sandroval Francisco Torres

Crefito-10 President

A complaint about the case was sent early Tuesday morning to the prosecutor for children and youth, Diego Rodrigo Pinheiro, according to the MPSC. The same afternoon, city councilors filed a new complaint with state authorities about the matter. The civil police are awaiting a request from the state prosecutor’s office to investigate whether a crime has been committed.

Secretary of State for Health (SES) categorized the situation as “unacceptable”. In a memo to the portal, Pasta said it would follow up with the hospitals and clarified that the department was not part of hospitals within its own network of states and was commissioned by SUS.

The Itajai provincial health department said it was already monitoring the incident and would seek information from the health department on what measures were being taken. However, he pointed out that the hospital is state-owned and privately owned and that the management and evaluation of contracted professionals is the responsibility of SES.

What does the contracting company say?

“We, the physiotherapist team at the Marieta Konder Bornhausen Hospital, are writing this letter to express our deepest indignation at the behavior of our physiotherapists who danced with a newborn in the pocket of their plain clothes. I have received your letter.

We are an outsourced company that has been providing hospital physiotherapy services to HMMKB (Hospital e Maternidade Marieta Konder Bornhausen) for over 5 years and we stress that we have never had a similar situation. We have professional guiding principles and codes of conduct that adhere to the codes that govern our profession.

We are appalled at the absurdity of the situation and inform you that the expert will be removed from duty immediately and that appropriate action will be taken in view of the decision of the expert’s regulatory body (CREFITO) and the hospital.

We regret that such isolated and unpredictable events can tarnish the image of the good work done by other members and collaborators of the Marieta Hospital team.

We reiterate our commitment to providing quality care and focusing on better patient recovery. We sympathize with the community’s outrage over this shocking act and will do our best to investigate and uncover all the facts. ”

Check hospital notes

“Marieta Hospital has taken action against a contracted corporate physiotherapist, a service provider of the facility, for inappropriate and criminal conduct involving the improper handling of a newborn, which was documented in a video posted on social networks. , published to express complete indignation and denial.

All criminal, ethical administrative and civil legal action has been taken as rigorously as possible, including verification of collaborators who filmed or participated in this tragic scene without defending the child.

With an average of 380 deliveries per month, Marieta Hospital has for decades made the premise of its work the respect and humanization of newborns and women in labor. We cannot let this isolated act tarnish the image of the hundreds of professionals who work in the unit and care for babies every day. ”

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