Piazza Repubblica fountain: lights and water games are back

Extraordinary maintenance and redevelopment works began on Monday fountain of Piazza della Repubblica. The intervention will bring the system back into operation, creating a scenic effect inspired by the solution adopted in the 1960s.

The hydraulic connections of the technical compartment and those inside the tank will be completely redone: the current iron pipes will be replaced with stainless steel pipes. To ensure the correct functioning of the entire system and its duration over time, the fittings, valves, flanges and filters will also be replaced. Four new inverters will manage the pumps replaced in 2020 which will be reused and upgraded.

After replacing the pipes, the bottom of the tank will be restored, cleaned and waterproofed.
The current electrical system will be strengthened by installing new electronically managed panels that will allow for check the different color effects ei Water games. A new device will report faults and allow you to intervene remotely.

A circular water pipe will be mounted inside the tank with 140 nozzles, oriented inwards. Instead, there will be eight nozzles positioned in the central part, to which another one will be added, positioned perfectly in the center. The new lighting system will consist of 50 low energy consumption RGB three-color LED lights, with a stainless steel body. The intervention will cost a total of 182,250 euros.