Piechniczek raises the alarm regarding the selector. “Within the next 20 years” The Polish National Team

Several days after separating from Paulo Sousa, we still do not have a new coach of the Polish national team. Many applications were submitted to the PZPN, including foreign ones, incl. from Andrea Pirlo or Fabio Cannavaro, and the president of the union, Cezary Kulesza, has already had an interview with the latter. However, nothing came of it, and many – including coach Antoni Piechniczek – indicate that a Pole should be chosen.

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Cezary Kulesza is looking for a coach of the Polish national team. Advice from Piechniczka: Only a Pole

– It should be a Polish coach. The examples of foreigners in this position are not encouraging. I will not go back to the era of Leo Beenhakker. I’m just stopping by Paulo Sousa. He had some more interesting moments in his work, but most, looking at EURO 2020 and the missed chance to play the first play-off game at home, was rather uninteresting – the Piechniczek coach begins his statement for Super Express.

– And this form of parting. Oh, a classic pupil of Western ideology: “First, money”. It is for this reason that the authorities of our football should spread a clear message today: we have nothing against the work of foreigners in clubs, but in the next 20 years only a Pole can be the white and red coach! – he stressed. This is the clear position of the former national team coach with whom Poland won the bronze medal at the World Cup in Spain in 1982 and was promoted to the World Cup in Mexico in 1986.

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– I think that every supporter who feels a patriot, and probably each one of them, would accept such a declaration with a feeling of relief. Secondly: there is really no time today to look for someone who would have to get to know the team and players – adds Piechniczek.

Former Polish national team coach about the position of Krychowiak: I would withdraw him to the defenseThe players have already decided. They want him to be the manager. “It is effective”

Among the Polish candidates, the most talked about were Czesław Michniewicz, Michał Prązu and Adam Nawałka. The candidatures of the first two were ruled out thanks to the information obtained by Kuba Seweryn, a journalist at Sport.pl. On the other hand, Kacper Sosnowski informed on the pages of the Sport.pl portal that Cezary Kulesza will meet on Friday 14th or Saturday 15th January with Adam Nawałka and will talk about taking over the Polish national team.

– I would be surprised if a different decision was taken by the union authorities [niż Adam Nawałka]. Anyway, this way you can kill two birds with one stone: put the best candidate at the helm, and at the same time make him non-digging holes under his principle of loyal assistants with a good football CV, who could continue his work in some time – commented on the candidacy of the former coach Antoni Piechniczek.

Nobody expected this name.  Engel indicated a candidate in place of SousaNobody expected this name. Engel indicated a candidate in place of Sousa

Let us remind you that the new coach of the Polish national team – regardless of which candidate the president Kulesza chooses – will have to prepare the squad for the upcoming World Cup 2022 play-offs. Assuming a positive scenario, a few days after this match we will play for direct participation in the tournament with the won match between Sweden and Czech Republic.

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