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Critics have considered the series richer in style than substance, but its style holds up – it’s the perfect 80’s retro flow, a bubble bath of Champagne for the brain. The ratings were good and the part lasted for five seasons. Brosnan spent an arm and a leg on art material, which ended up in a cupboard. “I used to work for American television and earned a nice salary and I thought: now is the time to paint. And I did nothing but work ».

Harris fell ill around 1986. One evening a year later, Brosnan says, “Carrying the burden, pain and fear of that disease, I brought out the colors. And I started painting. With the fingers. With your hands, really. “

That canvas will be part of the exhibition. “That’s how we start – heavy. But beautiful, beautiful ».

Never say yes it caught the attention of the late James Bond producer Albert Broccoli, who apparently saw Brosnan’s photograph and said, “If he can act, he’s the man for me.” NBC learned of the interest and kept Brosnan under contract for another shortened season; the next Bond would be Timothy Dalton. But Brosnan was going to be the next next Bond – he’ll grab the role starting with GoldenEyein 1995.

For the record, Brosnan never had a few drinks playing the Nintendo 64 game GoldenEye 007 – he never played at all, actually, except once, on television, with Jimmy Fallon. As much as the game may be the most fondly remembered aspect of Brosnan’s Bond era, the films are unfairly criticized – they are the latest Bonds with a touch of camp, an echo of Roger Moore’s frown.

Around 2004, Bond producers phoned him in the Bahamas to let him know they wanted to take another direction. He was pissed off for a while – “Fuck if he was frustrating when those pieces of shit took the ground out from under my feet,” he declared. Playboy in 2005 – and then he felt relieved to be free. His successor, Daniel Craig, made five films always with a frown, a tormented and badass Bond for increasingly less fun geopolitical times. Now the Craig era is over, and another reinvention is imminent. Brosnan answers the question he knows is coming: “Who should play him? I don’t care, ”he says.

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