Piero Angela died. The son Alberto: “Have a good trip dad”

Is dead Piero Angela. The announcement came with a tweet from the son Alberto. A smiling photo and the message: “Have a nice trip Dad”. Angela he was 93 years old.

Passion and rigor. Two words that seem to be in contrast but which have been part of the personality of Piero Angela, a TV gentleman, the popularizer who with Quark, Superquark, made generations of viewers discover science. From the secrets of the dinosaurs and the human body, from the crazy climate to the discoveries of neuroscience. He left at 93, with the discretion with which he lived.

A public service column

“We made many family trips”, his son Alberto said, “but the best stories were those of his father, his adventures: listening to him was a bit like reading Salgari. in prime time: it’s a heritage “. Sixty-five years of Rai, a pillar of public service.

Piero Angela, the greeting to his audience: “I did my part, try to do yours too for our difficult country”

The biography

Piero Angela was born in Turin on December 22, 1928, his father psychiatrist, anti-fascist, an important figure in the Resistance, saved dozens of Jews by hospitalizing them in his clinic in San Maurizio Canavese (Israel thanked him with the title of Righteous among the Nations). “I saw the tradition of the old Piedmont at home, in my father: to be modest, sober, not to exhibit”.

Piero Angela: “Let’s trust the experts without changing our lives”


The arrival in Rai

In 1952, at the age of twenty-four, he set foot in the Turin radio headquarters after having participated in a selection for collaborators. “I was studying engineering at the Polytechnic”, he told about Republic to Dario Cresto-Dina “but in reality the ambition was to make music. Piano. I felt the American charm, we were in the postwar period, I fell in love with jazz. In ’48 I had obtained a makeshift visa thanks to a professor at the Conservatory to go to Nice to listen to Louis Armstrong “.

Piero Angela: “I’ll go back to the piano and prepare a jazz record”

Valentina Tosoni

From music to journalism

Leave the music for journalism, the adventurous beginnings are with Gigi Marsico, Mario Pogliotti, Enzo Tortora, Furio Colombo, Umberto Eco, Gianni Vattimo. Angela goes around doing the services in an equipped Fiat Giardinetta. In 1968 Fabiano Fabiani he calls him to Rome to make his debut on television. Correspondent from Paris, then from Brussels, he leads the 13.30 news, alternating with Andrea Barbato.

Green & Blue Festival, Piero Angela: “Changing things in the world is not easy, but only people can do it”

The moon landing

In America the electrocution when it is sent to NASA, to follow the preparation for the moon landing. The perfect organizational machine, the control room, the scientists who work behind the scenes fascinate him: his new life begins from that trip, when he returns to Italy he asks and gets to leave the news.

Piero Angela’s lesson on homosexuality: “No difference with heterosexuals”

The era of “Quark”

The new way is disclosure, he begins to work on documentaries. “Instead of ten news a day” she remembers “since then I have been reporting one every two years. The first documentary is on genetics, a science that was just being born”. It all begins in the spring of 1981 on Rai 1: on the notes of a reinterpretation of the Aria on Bach’s fourth string reinterpreted by Swingle Singersbegan Quarkone of the longest running and most successful science dissemination programs.

Piero Angela: after so many years I still dream of jazz stars

The popularizer

Polite ways, Piero Angela explains with simplicity the scientific wonders and secrets of cells. In his TV living room – where tradition marries 3D technology – he invites the most important scientists. The failed engineer (he never graduated), becomes a familiar, popular figure: he goes around the schools, publishes about thirty books, honoris causa degrees rain down (eight), the awards received are not counted.

The 93 years of Piero Angela, a (scientific) witness of the 20th century

The gentleman of the Auditel

Over the years, while the TV becomes more and more aggressive, the gentleman of Auditel, the enemy of sensationalism, does not betray his style: sobriety. “I’m a member of the family trying to simplify complicated things,” he explained. “My language is on the side of the public, the contents on the side of the scientists”. It is no coincidence that he is among the founders of the Italian Committee for the Control of Claims on the Paranormal, the Cicapwhich investigates the actual existence of alleged paranormal phenomena.

Piero Angela’s lesson on homosexuality: “We must understand that it is not unnatural”

“Scrapping is an offensive verb”

The public, especially the young people with whom he has a very strong bond because he has always spread information on the field, meeting students, welcomes him like a rock star, even if the years pass. When the verb “scrap” becomes fashionable, with the usual grace, it says its: “My body is like a car: the engine may have 80,000 kilometers, but the driver is only 45 years old. The only way not to get old is keep active. Scrap … It was a media gimmick to emerge and attract attention; the information is made of emotion. But the verb is offensive, people don’t throw themselves away like used cars “.

Piero Angela: after so many years I still dream of jazz stars

“I’m always in competition”

He always continued to read, to inquire, curiosity was the driving force that characterized his life, his choices. A few years ago he replied to those who asked him why he didn’t put aside: “I’m always in competition, I haven’t had a contract with Rai for twenty years. They last a year, if the programs go badly, goodbye, I’m done. are the spectators: for the special on the brain I received dozens of tweets and text messages. Making TV and listening is difficult, there is a lot of offer “.

Piero Angela in Bari enchants veterinary students: Quark-style lesson

The Rome of Caesar and Augustus

In April 2016 with Paco Lanciano has the intuition to tell the Rome of Caesar and Augustus his is the guiding voice of the Journey into the Forums, two paths in which, thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies, you can discover the sites as they appeared in ancient Rome. He was proud of it: “There was even the opening of the Forum of Caesar with a footbridge and this allowed everyone, even the handicapped, with the help of an elevator, to really walk inside ancient Rome. Not only to admire as spectators, but to be the protagonists of a journey inside the Forum. And 180 thousand paying spectators were the result of the whole operation “.

Ninety years old Piero Angela: the 10 cult phrases of a great TV and life teacher

The wife and children

Discretion was his figure, and that of his wife Margherita, with whom he shared life, travels, interests. She has never done photo shoots but she has traveled the world with her husband and her children Christine and Alberto-di lei who followed in the footsteps of her father. “The best patrimony that parents can leave to their children” Angela said “is knowledge, education”. Her thanks, along with millions of grown-up viewers following him on TV.

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