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The funeral parlor open from 11.30 in the Sala della Protomoteca. A crowd of admirers for the farewell to the science communicator. His son Alberto: “It was like living with Leonardo da Vinci”

Shiny eyes, handkerchiefs in hand and a lot of sadness. Piero Angela’s admirers are lined up to pay their last respects to the journalist and science writer who died at 93. The funeral home was set up in Capitolin Room of the Protomoteca for the secular funeral ceremony. Present are his wife Margherita, in a wheelchair, the children – Christine and Alberto – and the grandchildren. The mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri welcomed the coffin. To remember the important presenter, the leaders of public TV as the CEO intervened Carlo Fuortes and the president Marinella Soldi. At the lay funeral also the director of the Rai Study Antonio Di Bellathe director of Rai Cultura Silvia Calandrellithe journalist and board member of public television Simona Agnes and the director of Tg1 Monica Maggioni.

His son Alberto Angela said that being with his father “was like living with Leonardo da Vinci”. In his speech by him during the secular ceremony, he recalled: «he Lived rationally and down to earth. When he realized that his time had come he made a calculation and started recording broadcasts, he also recorded a jazz record. He had a rational and scientific approach but also full of love and life. He was very fond of repeating an aphorism of Leonardo da Vinci “Yes, as a well spent day gives you happy sleep, so a well-used life gives you a happy death” ».

A life lived to the full, his. So much so that he wrote “I did my part”, in the last message left to the viewers of Quark, his historic scientific popularization broadcast. Without hiding behind the big words, he was able to express very complex concepts making them understandable to any viewer and stimulating their curiosity. During his long life he waged a battle against pseudoscience. He founded the Cicap and, for having said that «Homeopathy is not science but fresh water», he was also sued. He won.

Leaving the funeral home, the president of the Lazio Region Nicola Zingaretti he said: «It can be said with absolute certainty that there are few people in this time who have given themselves to others like Piero Angela, both in terms of content and form. He invented a style of making culture through television. The word invented is the most correct. For this there is this immense affection, because he has been close to millions of people with the strength of knowledge and culture ».

The mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri explains that the massive presence of admirers of Alberto Angela’s work is explained because “there is an extraordinary feeling of gratitude for a beautiful person who has been able to combine rationality, trust in science and humanity and the sweet and gentle ability to explain to everyone the importance of science, but also the beauties of this city ».

The friend Renzo Arbore he recalled the common passion for music: «We played many times together, he was a unique person. Always a brilliant and instructive conversation, a great gentleman ». Then, his amusing revelation: “I envied him his son Alberto, who is his natural heir.” But there are many qualities that he recognizes in Angela: «He was strictly linked to science and knowledge and he fought the charlatans and the salesmen of invented things, who spread what is now called fake news. Punctuality, precision, respect and refinement: these were his qualities ».

“A piece of Italy is leaving: Piero Angela leaves us an incredible legacy”: he said Pino Strabioli leaving the Capitol. “I had the incredible luck of accompanying him on stage with the show The secrets of the sea, which was staged a few months ago in March,” said the director and actor. «It was an emotion that I will never forget and that I have not experienced alone: ​​you can see it today, August 16th, and it is full of people. In addition to all knowledge, he left us an example of humanity of love, respect and acceptance. A great man”.

The leader of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta he expressed a wish: «I would be very pleased if from tomorrow many technical institutes, high schools, high schools were called“ Piero Angela ” ”.

Serious but never serious, he loved jazz and in the “musical” part of his career – before the journalistic one – he called himself Peter Angela. It was the 1950s. Then, even before Rai was TV, the beginning of a career as a journalist. Correspondent from Paris, reporter and then creator of successful formats. In addition to his work on television, he added the writing of popular science books. The last, however, is his autobiography: «My long journey, 90 years of lived stories».

Numerous awards: 12 honorary degrees, the gold medal for culture of the Italian Republic and the honor of Knight of the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic. He received many honorary citizenships. The last, in chronological order, is that of Nemi, in the province of Rome.

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