Pierre Niney in pain, he reveals his face with peeling skin


Pierre Niney went to the dermatologist who removed a lot of skin. Find out what happened to him.

In recent weeks, the 34-year-old actor has a very busy schedule. Pierre Niney indeed goes on filming. The actor has recently appeared in season three of LOL: who laughs, comes out! That’s not all, the French will also be able to find him in theaters on September 13 in the film The Book of Solutions by Michel Gondry and November 1 in the film Daaaaaali! by Quentin Dupieux.

The actor recently took advantage of a few days of vacation before resuming filming. In 2024, he will indeed star in Johnny Depp’s new film entitled Modi. Currently, Pierre Niney plays the character of Edmond Dantès for the film the count of Monte Cristo directed by Alexandre de La Patellière and Matthieu Delaporte. The companion of Natasha Andrews therefore does not have a minute to himself. Pierre Niney, however, finds time to give his news to his fans on his social networks. Recently, the one who won the César for best actor for his role in the film Yves Saint Laurentshowed how his last trip to the dermatologist went. The actor revealed a terrifying video.

Pierre Niney reveals himself with an elastic face

In a recent tweet, the comedian indeed published a video in which we see a dermatologist pulling a huge piece of skin of his face. In the caption and in a humorous tone, Pierre Niney wrote: “Came across a crazy Dermato this morning”. You understood, the star did not actually go to the dermatologist. Currently filming, he probably had to change his mind. Make-up artists had to put a kind of mask or plastic skin extensions on Pierre Niney’s face. This video has largely reacted to its fans who have not hesitated to share references to films with this type of change. Rest assured, Pierre Niney is in great shape.

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