Piers Morgan TalkTV. Earlier, he criticized Meghan Markle, which made him leave ITV

Piers Morgan announced on Thursday (September 16) that he has a new job. “It’s been great to come back to News Corporation after 28 years. To where my media career began, to the boss to whom I owe my fortune. We’re going to have a good time …” – wrote Piers Morgan on Twitter.

On the same day, News Corporation, Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, announced that a new TalkTV station will be created at News UK, which will include, among others, hourly news, sports and entertainment shows, as well as documentaries, news shows and studio discussions. The station is to be launched at the beginning of next year. And it is on TalkTV that Piers Morgan will host his new evening talk show.

Morgan about Murdoch, Murdoch about Morgan

The journalist wrote that he was excited about his return to News Corporation. “Rupert Murdoch has always been a fearless champion of freedom of speech. Together we will create something new and very exciting,” said Piers Morgan. He added that he would also be a columnist for The Sun and The New York Post.

“Morgana wants to have every TV channel, but is afraid to hire one. Piers is an excellent presenter, a talented journalist, says what people think and feel,” said Rupert Murdoch about Breast Morgana.

He left the studio for a few minutes

Piers Morgan is 56 years old. He disappeared from television in March this year. after heavily criticizing Meghan Markle on a vision of speech in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. During the ITV program “Good Morning Britain” he hosted an argument between him and co-host Alex Beresford. Piers Morgan came out of the studio for a few minutes at one point. After this program, viewers submitted 41 thousand. complaints about his behavior. The journalist decided that he would no longer host “Good Morning Britain” and left ITV.

Morgan ran this program since 2015. He has been associated with ITV since 2007. For 12 years he has hosted the talk show “Piers Morgan’s Life Stories”, he also had other original programs, he was a juror in the British and American editions of “Got Talent”. From 2010 to 2014, Morgan hosted an evening program on CNN.

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