Pietro Longo sentenced to 18 years for ambushing in Tor Bella Monaca

Pietro Longo, a 28-year-old boy and brother of David Longo, close to the Cordaro clan, already arrested by the Flying Squad in July 2016 as part of Operation R9 and for the attempted murder of Giovanni Montereale, was sentenced to 18 years and 8 months, in the process that was celebrated with an abbreviated procedure.

Pietro Longo had been arrested in November a year ago by the Flying Squad in the investigation coordinated by the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of Rome on the ambush against four boys that took place in the street in the Tor Bella Monaca district. The prosecutor for Longo, accused of attempted murder in competition and illegal carrying of weapons with the aggravating circumstance of the mafia method, had asked for a sentence of 14 years.

The ambush at Tor Bella Monaca

The events took place on the evening of 23 October last when, on Viale di Tor Bella Monaca, a large-displacement car carrying two men abruptly stopped a Mercedes on the side of the road, on board of which there were four young people among the such as a child under 14.

Longo, according to the accusation, got out of the car and, together with an unknown accomplice, fired several pistol shots at the occupants of the Mercedes, who managed to escape the ambush and miraculously remain unharmed. The four, as they fled by car, were chased on foot by the attackers who continued to shoot, hitting the windshield and the headrest of the front passenger seat.

The arrest of Pietro Longo

According to the reconstruction of San Vitale, the victims had been chased by Longo and his accomplice with “the intent to kill them”. Less than a month after the ambush, the investigations of the Flying Squad traced back to Pietro Longo belonging, as reconstructed by the investigators, to the Longo family, known for being at the head of one of the most important dealing squares in Via dell’Archeologia, whose promoter David Longo, Pietro’s elder brother, had been arrested a few months earlier. According to the police, the ambush was aimed “at liberating one’s power in an area characterized by a high criminal density”.

The Longo brothers in April 2021 had gotten into trouble for having set up a shop of 600,000 euros a month, dismantled by the carabinieri. An operation carried out also with the help of two repentants who had broken a veil of silence.

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