Pina receives human rights award and defends autonomy

International Association of Women Judges (IAWJ, for its short form in English) presented the 2023 Human Rights Award to the President this Sunday judicial power of the union (pjf), Norma Lucia Pina Hernandez, Awarded by nominations and voting by over 10,400 judges and associates from 143 countries.

on receiving the award in MoroccoMinister pineapple He said that “in the face of concern because of the fragility of what we have won, this year we also take with us the assurance that we are putting together a common front to defend democratic constitutionalism in our countries; To protect independence and judicial autonomy as the wall of our freedom”.

For the Minister President, “The only way for our judicial function to establish itself as a mechanism for the protection of human rights in our constitutional democracies is that we can perform it freely, without coercion or conditioning. ”

Pina Hernandez “highlighted the importance of judicial independence as a guarantor of these rights, since its attainment requires that the administration of justice be without any internal or external subordination.”

From 11 to 14 May the IAWJ Organized its 16th Biennial Conference in Morocco, the main theme of which was Women Judges: Achievements and Challenges.

Last week, in one of his frequent attacks on the Supreme Court, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador joked about the award given to the minister, saying: “Those awards can be received in the Plaza de Santo Domingo.”

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