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Pontoglio (Brescia) – A night with a starry sky with full visibility. And a sudden lane jump in the straight. But there are also the conditions of one of the drivers of the two cars involved to define the contours of the accident that around one between Friday and yesterday in via Bollana a Pinarella of Cervia, on the Ravenna coast, it cost the lives of three people.

The girl – Desirèe Gozzini, 23 years old from Pontoglio in Bresciano – is in fact the result positive for alcohol analysis : for you a rate of about twice that allowed (0.50) to get behind the wheel. A circumstance that, as ordered by the Ravenna prosecutor on duty Cristina D’Aniello, she cost her the arrest for multiple road homicides and multiple road injuries aggravated by drunk driving. The young woman is found guarded in the hospital in Cesena awaiting house arrest in a Cervia accommodation, as a precautionary measure. Neither she nor the friend from Brescia 25-year-old who was traveling next to her in a Mercedes A 180 and with whom she had come to the Riviera for one short vacation , are in danger of life although they have sustained injuries of a certain consistency. 90-day prognosis for the third injured woman – a 55-year-old from Punta Marina – who was traveling on the Fiat Panda which collided head-on with the Mercedes.

The victims I’m a 39-year-old from Forlì, Luca Rosaldi, who drove a large-displacement scooter immediately behind the Panda. Then the other two women on the Panda, all from the area: a 52-year-old from Lido Adriano (Ravenna), Morena Amici, and a 62-year-old from Gambettola (Forlì-Cesena), Mariangela Bardi. It is the most serious road accident in the province of Ravenna since the beginning of this year.

The Prosecutor has ordered the seizure of carcasses of the means. According to the findings of the local police, the very violent impact occurred on the opposite lane of the Mercedes that proceeded towards Cesena: the main hypothesis is linked to an invasion of the lane by the car driven by the young Brescian for reasons still under consideration, with a subsequent front with the Panda and the scooter. Of course, other scenarios cannot be ruled out a priori. Certainly the positivity to alcohol makes the position of the 23-year-old even more complicated.

“Last week in Italy there was the record of deaths over the weekend: 45 in three days, on average 15 per day – he comments Giordano Biserni, president of Asaps, Association of Supporters and Friends of the Traffic Police -. The attention on this issue no longer exists, not even in the party programs does any initiative emerge “. With the accident in question we return to talking about alcohol while driving:” On this front too we are surrendering – continues Biserni – as well as on the “hangover of the third millennium”, the use of the mobile phone “.

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