Pinball against pirates / On Rete 4 the film with Luke Halpin

Pinball against pirates will be broadcast today, Wednesday 4th May, starting from 4.40 pm on Network 4. We are faced with an adventure film produced in the United States of America in 1964 by Ivan Tors and directed by Leon Benson.

In the cast of this film Pinball against pirates we find Luke Halpin, Pamela Franklin, Helen Cherry, Tom Helmore and many more. Filmed mainly in the Bahamas, a part was developed at Greenwich Studios (Ivan Tors Studios) in Miami and also at the Miami Seaquarium. Surely it is a film suitable for a rather mature audience as you can guess from the airing time and the channel.

Pinball against pirates, the plot of the film

In Pinball against pirates to Sandy Ricks is asked to leave her home to make way for a new highway, but runs away from home to prevent his dolphin Flipper from being taken away. His father, Porter, returns from Park Ranger school to look for Sandy but does not realize that his son has escaped in their speedboat to the Bahamas. Along the way, Sandy runs out of food, water and gas. Flipper helps by towing the boat to a seemingly deserted island. Just as Sandy is settling with food and fresh water on the island and has found a cave to hide from aerial search patrols, she witnesses Sir Halsey Hopewell’s vacationing British family being taken hostage by recently escaped inmates.

The mother, Julia, the two daughters Gwen and Penny are forced to get on a small boat and are told to paddle to the nearby island where Sandy is hiding. Mrs. Hopewell, Gwen and Penny struggle to find food to survive; Sandy finds a way to get fish, matches and other items to the Hopewells without being detected. This lasts until Sandy accidentally meets and then befriends the younger of the two daughters, Penny. Sandy and Penny begin a rather romantic relationship as Sandy shows her her new paradise island and secretly helps her behind her sister and mother’s back. Sandy shows Penny how to cut and peel coconuts, light fires and weave fishing nets.

The happy friendship seems to come to an end when Sandy, fearing that the Hopewell rescuers may discover him and Flipper and return them to the Keys and separate., send Flipper to put out the Hopewell’s rescue fire. Penny is angry and tells Sandy to stay away. Sandy tries to make up for it by putting fish, food cans, a can opener and a flashlight in her nets. Soon after, the inmates return for their mother and daughters, and Mr. Hopewell is forced to radio to the Coast Guard station closest to Puerto Rico that he and his family are hostages. Sandy and Flipper make a plan to save them from the inmates. Sandy distracts the inmates by releasing cans of food and lures one of the inmates onto a rowboat to retrieve the cans; Flipper overturns the boat and rams the inmate in the stomach, knocking him out. Sandy and Flipper grab him and leave him in a hidden cave.

Through various tricks Sandy manages to bring the remaining two inmates into the water. The second is captured in the same way as the first and the leader fights hard with a knife to fend off Flipper. Although he is overwhelmed and Sandy is able to tie him to the hull of the boat, he manages to stab Flipper near the tail in his frantic escape attempts while Flipper escapes injured on the beach. Sandy sobs as she holds his injured friend in her arms. Sir Halsey reports on the radio that I’m safe and calls a vet. Flipper eventually manages to heal to the delight of his great friend.


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