Pino I teach at the Meloni rally, social storm: “Giorgia like Scarlett Johansson”

There has been a lot of talk on social media in the last few hours about the presence of the actor and voice actor Pino I teach at the election rally Giorgia Meloni of yesterday to Piazza del Popolo to Rome. But he doesn’t care about the attacks, and speaking with Adnkronos he rejects the shower of criticisms (and insults) received from users. «Are they criticizing me because I introduced Meloni’s rally? Sti ca… they also do it because they are from Lazio» says I teach.

«I’m not an influencer I’m a very good actor, voice actor and trainer, who lives with respect for others so I have no problem declaring my political preferences. Do we all have to be the same?” «I am Commendatore of the Republic for social merits, proposed by President Napolitano and not by Almirante – he says ironically – this means that in my life I have done, do and will always do things to help others. It’s not that if I say goodbye to my friend Giorgia I’m hurting someone yet I was attacked everywhere», adds the actor before pointing out that he has suffered a marginalization from the television world: «I disappeared from television why? – asks Teach – Am I not good? Because Pino Insegno has been put in a corner for no reason since I’ve done more than 1,600 very successful TV episodes?».

“What I can say is that if something happened it’s not because I’m not good but for other reasons – he continues – Meritocracy exists in dubbing and theater but not in television”. Finally, I teach talks about the probable arrival of Giorgia Meloni at Palazzo Chigi: «she is excited enough for a person who has grown exponentially, she is a respectable woman and is not an extremist. You are not a person who wants to forbid homosexuals to live or blacks not to exist », concludes the actor.

«With Giorgia, an idea born by chance, I had fallen off my moped»

Later I teach also speaks to Rai Radio1 a A Day as a Sheep: «I’ve known Giorgia for 20 years, yesterday’s idea was born by chance yesterday afternoon in Rome, just imagine, after I fell off my moped. She said to me: ‘Can you give me a present? I’m going to Piazza del Popolo, can you give me a second introduction?’». A presentation born by chance, therefore. «Yes – he says – yesterday in the late afternoon I was in Rome, near the Brancaccio theater (in the center of the capital, ed). I still have to figure out if I was ‘touched’ by another car at the traffic light or if I fell by myself, so I didn’t blame anyone, I just hurt my right arm».

With Meloni “we met while I was going back to park the moped”. How did the idea of ​​that sentence about Lord of the Rings, with which he presented it? “I went in and I didn’t know how to do it, so that sentence came to me at the time”. To those who ask him what he replies to those who, on social media, say it accused of being a fascist: «I’m not answering in any way, it’s something that has nothing to do with it. People know what I’m doing and that’s enough for me, my answer is how I live». When asked if he would also present the Democratic Party event tonight, he replies: «Of course I would go, it’s the same, I would only change the monologue». A parallel between Meloni and a movie character? «Scarlett Johanssonwho is tall like her, is blonde and has blue eyes».

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