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Never before has the Milan bench been firmly in the hands of Stefano Pioli. The coach arrived “almost by chance” more for a firm will of the Italian side of the then management, than for the project conceived by the fund Elliott he wanted Ralf Rangnick in place of the exonerated Marco Giampaolo first and in place of Pioli himself then. A choice that of Maldini and Massara who proved to be a winner given that, numbers in hand, the Emilian coach has already entered the history of the Rossoneri club.


Master of his own destiny in the Champions League (just the same with Salzburg), however, Pioli has certified his masterpiece in the league since he took office. With 74 wins in 118 games he is in fact the second most successful manager in the history of the club. Only Lajos Czeizler with 64% did better, while at 58%, 57% and 56% respectively coaches such as Ancelotti, Bela Gutmann and Allegri stopped. YES TO RENEWAL, THE INDICATION – Performance that, inevitably, also affects the consideration that the company has of him and his future. Because Pioli started the season with his contract expiring on June 30, 2023, but in his agreement there is also an automatic renewal clause that can be exercised by the company. Relations between the parties are excellent, there is mutual trust and with it also the will to continue together. According to what has been learned from Calciomercato.com however, there is no rush to exercise that right and indeed, the club’s will is to sit around a table and negotiate bilaterally with the coach. Without haste, because this Milan has been reborn and is back a car launched also and above all thanks to Pioli, and everyone is aware that it would be a crime to stop it.

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