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Until recently, Piotr Żyła and Marcelina Ziętek were very eager to share their happiness with the world. Meanwhile, they have both been silent for some time. There are some indications that the idyll in their relationship is over …

The relationship of Marcelina Ziętek and Piotr Żyła

Piotr Żyła has had a loud parting with Justyna Żyławith whom he had two children – son Jakub and daughter Karolina. The couple divorced in 2018 amid scandal. In the summer of 2020, rumors began that the 34-year-old athlete had fallen in love again and he found happiness at the side of 23-year-old Marcelina Ziętek. The ski jumper and the actress known from the series “19+” confirmed that they are together only at the beginning of June 2021. Until recently, it seemed that the idyll in their relationship was in full swing. Meanwhile, it has recently appeared a lot of signals that can disturb the fans of the couple Pudelek tracked down.

Crisis at Piotr Żyła and Marcelina Ziętek?

Marcelina Ziętek and Piotr Żyła already they haven’t been posting photos to the network for a long time. Since the official confirmation of the relationship, they have done it quite often. Especially the young actress gladly boasted of joint photos with her beloved. Meanwhile, the last photo with Piotr appeared on her profile July 31, so almost four months ago.

What’s more, Marcelina Ziętek does not even follow Piotr’s Instagram profile. The fact that he does not officially follow her activities is not that surprising, because Żyła on Instagram only observes one profile – his company producing caps. However, it is in vain to look for his likes under the latest entries on Marcelina’s profile. She too she stopped leaving him “hearts”.

What is even more disturbing is the fact that the actress of the series “19+” did not support her beloved in public during the last competition in Nizhny Tagil. Previously, she faithfully cheered on Żyła, praising everyone and experiencing Piotr’s performances on social media. This time she did not officially support the jumper in any way, which seems unlike her.

Crisis, breakup, or maybe something completely different? They are interested so far did not comment on the sensational findings media. Piotr is not one of the people who willingly share the details of his private life with the world. Perhaps Marcellina, who seems a bit more effusive, will decide to speak soon.

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