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Shakira sigue trabajando en extra éxitos, minetras que Gerard Pique Head to head in our negotiations, but the theme of the separation, which was announced in the media of 2022, will take place in Spain and the world.

This is the last song, ‘El Jefe’ sings the song. You will see that the Colombian has jobs for workers who have precarious salaries and their jobs do not work well, but this is the impression.
(Better than the dad? Vea el golazo de Milan, el hijo de Shakira y Gerard Piqué)(Today scheduled the semifinals of Copa Colombia and trastocó the calendar of La Liga)

Seriously disgusted

Some people have noted that they also refer to their exsuegro, Joan Pique, the abuelo of his friends Milan and Sasha.

“Say that no hay hurt, that more than these years lasted, but ahí sigue mi ex suegro que no pisa la sepultura”, in the dedication of the Colombian singer al español.

Lo aseguran

Jordi Martina periodist who knows about some of the infidelities of the Spanish ex-futbolist, dio a conocer una revelación: advierte que Piqué y su padre, Joan, plot un plot contra de la famosa cantante colombiana.

The paparazzi reported that some of Shakira’s examples denounced maltratos on the part of the singer, an instance of the ex-futbolista and her family, although it was all an invention.

“Gerard Piqué is the late king of the Kings League and the Kings League has a contract with MediaSet España, which is Telecinco, for the television broadcasts of the Kings League and which is casual that all this people are on Telecinco, ¡qué casualidad!” , dijo the communicator in the program Amor y Fuego.

Fuerte accusation

Marti affirmed that no coincidence is the type of hechos and affirmed a hypothetical case, in fact, as the owner of the Kings League, I’ll take a call from Williams and I’ll tell you what to do with it. Según Martín, this situation is where it happened in Shakira’s case.

Martin made a strong accusation and signaled that the father of Gerard Pique He is responsible for a suspected tax fraud at Hacienda Española that was investigated by Shakira.

“Un suuesto delito en 2018 por haber tributado fuera de España, unos ingresos que según la Fiscalía Española debería de haber tributado aquí (…) the father of Piqué is the one who raised the responsibility of all of the conglomerate of businesses, the father of Piqué is the one who met the father of Shakira”, sentencing.

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