“Pirates of the Caribbean”. How much will Johnny Depp earn from the cult series? For one film she got one of the highest awards in history

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Although it is hard to believe, the cult series “Pirates of the Caribbean” was created on the basis of attractions found in Disney theme parks. To this day, the franchise has a total of five films, which were released from 2003 to 2017. Each of them turned out to be a huge success, attracting dozens of viewers to the cinemas, and the total revenue from the box office amounted to 4.5 billion dollars. The amount is gigantic, but considerable earnings were spent, among others, by from Johnny Depp, whose presence in the cast of “Pirates of the Caribbean” certainly contributed to her popularity.

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“Pirates of the Caribbean”. How much did Johnny Depp make from five films?

According to The Things website, for the first part, “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”, Depp collected “only” 10 million dollars. The amount was relatively low, and the developers had no idea at the time that they had hit a real gold vein. The film’s Jack Sparrow salary increased accordingly over time, with the fourth film in the series, Pirates of the Caribbean: In Stranger Tides, which was released in 2011 in cinemas. According to Forbes, Depp got 55 million dollars for it. This is one of the biggest sums ever received by an actor for his role in a film. It is worth noting that the entire production cost about USD 410 million, which means that the payment for Depp consumed much more than 10 percent. budget. In total, it is estimated that Johnny Depp made about $ 300 million in all five films.

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Depp himself approached the earnings with a considerable distance. In 2011, he told Vanity Fair that he thought he was being paid too much and that the amounts he was getting were “ridiculous”. He has admitted taking the role of Sparrow, which comes with a huge payoff, for the sake of his children. It seems that in 2017’s “Revenge of Salazar” he played this character for the last time. The producer of “Pirates of the Caribbean” confirmed in 2018 that Depp is not considered in the cast of the possible sixth part.

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