“Pirates of the Caribbean”: next episode will we see Robert Downey Jr.?

“Pirates of the Caribbean”: next episode will we see Robert Downey Jr.?

As reported by DailyMail TV in late 2018, Depp was taken out of production and Disney had no plans to go with it. Information about Depp’s withdrawal from the production of “Pirates …” was given to DailyMail TV portal, Depp Stuart Beattie, who wrote the script for all previous parts of “Pirates of the Caribbean”. The reason for this decision was the actor’s mental and financial problems.

– Depp created this role, fused with it and they became one. It is also his most popular role in his career – said the screenwriter at the time. – Jack Sparrow will always be associated with Depp. Prior to this role, Johnny was considered a niche actor who did a great job with Tim Burton, and the role of the captain helped him become a recognizable actor, ‘he added.

According to the latest information, Jack Sparrow may still return in the latest part to maintain continuity with the previous parts of the series, and you can expect a woman in the role of the new leader-pirate. According to information provided by “We Got This Covered”, the name of Robert Downey Jr. is also mentioned. as the next potential star of the series – although it is emphasized at this stage that the actor would play a supporting role.

“Pirates of the Caribbean”: will Captain Jack Sparrow be replaced by a woman?

After the world had known that we would not see Johnny Depp in the next installment of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, there was now talk of a woman – the pirate Redd – in the main role of the cult series. One of the websites picks Daisy Ridley, known from “Star Wars”, to a new heroine.

According to information from one of the foreign portals, the changes will not end with the replacement of the main actor – Johnny Depp. The plot of the newest part is likely to put a female character – Redd the pirate – in the center of the plot. Known for attractions at Disneyland, the heroine has not yet gotten her five minutes in a full-length production. Naturally, it is not yet known who would play the new character. The website typifies the well-known, among others from “Star Wars” by Daisy Ridley. “He already has stunt and sword training behind him” – we read in the article.

Sources: “We Got This Covered”

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