PiS is already sending out leaflets to Poles. In total, it will ship over 15 million pieces

Over 15 million Poles are to find leaflets praising tax solutions in the Polish Lada in their mailboxes. The first brochures are already reaching the audience. The last tranche is to be shipped early next year.

  • On November 16, President Andrzej Duda signed an act introducing tax changes as part of the Polish Order
  • Leaflets with calculations prepared by Law and Justice have already begun to reach Poles, including social groups that will benefit from the changes
  • In total, over 15 million brochures will be distributed
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A few weeks ago, the portal 300polityka.pl wrote about the plans of mass mailing of leaflets praising the Polish Order. In 2021, they are to reach 8 million Poles, and in total more than 15 million are to be sent. The first pieces are already sent to Poles’ boxes.

On the first page of the leaflet you can read that the Polish Deal is “lower taxes and more money in Poles’ wallets“. Three elements of the reform were also indicated – increasing the exempt amount to PLN 30,000, introducing a tax-free pension and support for families.

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Sample calculations can be found in the middle and on the last page. The brochure only lists those who will benefit from the tax changes. However, the changes are not favorable for everyone. As we recently reported in Business Insider Polska, accountants are currently experiencing a real flood of clients, who assure that they can help “not lose” on changes.

About the some pensioners will lose on the Polish Lada, informed the deputy finance minister himself. However, this applies to people with the highest benefits.

As you could read in Business Insider Polska, although the vast majority of us will benefit from the Polish Lada, it is easiest to look for lossy ones among families with children.

Photo: Business Insider Polska

Photo: Business Insider Polska

The mode of introducing changes under the Polish Order met with great opposition from business representatives. At the beginning of November, the Entrepreneurship Council called on President Andrzej Duda to veto the tax law of the Polish Deal, among others due to violation of the mode of conducting public consultations. Meanwhile, the Lewiatan Confederation reports that 72 percent entrepreneurs is negative about the tax changes contained in the Polish Lada.

Eventually, President Andrzej Duda signed the law on November 16.

The most important elements of the Polish Deal are: increasing the exemption amount to PLN 30,000. PLN and a tax threshold of up to 120 thousand. zloty.

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