PIT-2 2022: Check if you need to submit

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On January 5, 2022, the Ministry of Finance announced changes to the deadline for submitting PIT-2, which authorizes the employer to reduce tax advances from the tax-free amount. What is PIT-2? What is the effect of submitting PIT-2 in 2022? When should PIT-2 not be submitted? As explained by the Ministry of Finance, the PIT-2 form is an employee’s declaration in which he agrees that the employer should take into account the tax-free amount when calculating advances for income tax.

As a result of submitting this form, the employee gets a higher salary, because there are monthly advances reduced by the free amount for each month. Before the entry into force of the Polish Deal, this reduction was slight, because with the standard tax free amount, it was monthly the deduction was less than PLN 43.8. As a result, some taxpayers gave up the monthly deduction of the exempt amount in order to obtain a higher refund.

A different situation has arisen since the beginning of 2022, in which the tax-free amount is PLN 30,000. zloty. This has the practical effect that the employee’s tax deduction (the so-called tax reduction amount) will amount to PLN 5.1 thousand. This means that the monthly amount reducing the advance income tax will be PLN 425 (provided that PIT-2 is submitted).

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When to submit a PIT-2?

PIT-2 – as indicated by the Ministry of Finance – according to the currently applicable rules, the employee submitted PIT-2 at the time of employment. The decision taken at the beginning of work also had effect in the following years, unless the taxpayer decided to change the decision and he submitted the form again. It is true that the media reported that in order for a decision change to be effective, you need a form submit before the first payment of the yearhowever, according to the information on the website of the Ministry of Finance, there is no such requirement.

“However, there are no obstacles (the regulations do not preclude this) from the employer accepting and applying it statement at any time of the year (it will not have negative consequences for neither the employer nor the employee) ”- it was written on the website of the Ministry of Finance.

From the beginning of the year, an additional one appeared in the regulations middle class relief. Some employers found that the use of relief can be troublesome. It is about a situation where the tax credit would be calculated on income that is below the minimum level and if it would be charged on income above the maximum level. In either case, it could be a necessity return of larger amounts in the annual settlement.

As a result, some of the employees received an application from their employers to complete the application to opt out of applying the allowance. An employee who filled out such an application, will receive smaller amounts on handbut it can count on a large tax refund with the annual tax return.

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