PIT-2 in 2022 is a necessity or an opportunity? On January 7, 2022, a new regulation entered into force. Check when to make a statement!

The Polish Order has changed the methods of calculating monthly salaries for employees employed under an employment contract. Filing a PIT-2 results in taking into account the tax relief, and thus a higher salary. What is PIT-2, when and who should submit a declaration, what changes are effective from January 7, 2022? All information in one place.

PIT-2 is the employee’s declaration needed for calculating monthly personal income tax advances. The legal basis for its submission is Article 32 (3) of the Act of July 26, 1991 on personal income tax. The PIT-2 declaration is the basis for the workplace to apply the tax-free amount in advance payments, ”explains Dr. Karolina Tetłak from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw.

In PIT-2, the payer declares that:

  • does not receive an old-age or disability pension through the payer;
  • does not receive income from membership in an agricultural production cooperative or other cooperative engaged in agricultural production;
  • does not receive cash benefits paid from the Labor Fund or the Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund;
  • does not receive income from business activity, rental or lease, on which it is obliged to pay advances during the tax year.

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