Pixelmator Photo for iPad, free for a few hours only


We’ve already talked about the Pixelmator Photo app, an image editor that lets you apply photo enhancements and effects and is a strong contender for Adobe Lightroom.

The good news is that today it can be downloaded for free for a few hours.

With Pixelmator Photo, you can use non-destructive editing tools. That is, you can change anything you like and, if you don’t like it, go back to square one at any time (even weeks later). You never lose the original image.

To promote the Mac version, which is discounted until December 3, they made the iPad version free for 24 hours. This means that until the early hours of the morning of 11/27 you will be able to secure your copy.

However, it is not with all iPad that the application is compatible, and if yours is not, the App Store button will be greyed out for you. It happened to me with an iPad Air 2, forcing me to download the app from iTunes from my computer.

If you want to guarantee your copy, be quick!

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