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Pizza il Forno, for teachers within the scope of Teachers' Day, November 24

Pizza il Forno, the restaurant chain famous for Italian pizza, launched a “Delicious Thanksgiving” campaign for teachers in the scope of November 24, Teachers’ Day. Accordingly, teachers who come to the Pizza Il Forno restaurant or order online between November 24 and 30 are offered all menus at a 30 percent discount.

Fresh and refreshing with real mozzarella cheese on thin and crunchy Italian dough. Their signature dishes, which use pure ingredients in abundance, are cooked and served in stone ovens. Pizza Il Forno launches a special campaign for Teacher’s Day. on 24th November Within the scope of the campaign that will begin and last for a week, the Pizza Il Forno restaurant Teachers who visit or order online will receive the brand’s Classic, Signature or Enjoy 30 percent off all menus, especially vegetarian pizzas. Will be able to avail benefits.

Rich options are also offered for vegetarian teachers

Offering its guests an unusual pizza experience, Pizza Il Forno, Marinara, In addition to classic flavors like Margherita and Ricotta, which are only served here, Its chef-signed pizzas make a difference, too. The brand’s signature pizza includes the Artichoke, 4 Cheese, Shrimp, Smoked Salmon, Ribs, Roast, BBQ Chicken and Burrata It offers special options like pizza to its valued customers. Also at Pizza Il Forno There are rich options for vegetarian teachers too. Classic Vegetarian Pizza In the brand’s menu, which reinterprets it in the style of zucchini, spinach, mushrooms, etc. Made from natural and healthy ingredients, and flavored with souddjouk, salami and sausage. There are vegetarian pizzas that you can buy.

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