PKN Orlen: priority investment in Ostrołęka

PKN Orlen announced on Monday that along with PGNiG continues work on the project for the construction of a CCGT unit in Ostrołęka – the companies have just signed an annex to the contract, according to which they will work out optimal terms of cooperation by the end of 2022, as emphasized in the press release, “in the implementation of this investment, strategic for Poland’s energy security”.

As assessed by PKN Orlen, “Ostrołęka C power unit will be a stable and modern source of electricity from natural gas, enabling energy balancing from renewable sources“.

“We treat the investment in the gas-steam unit in Ostrołęka as a priority. This is a very important project that will secure the available power in the system to cover the growing demand for electricity. Thus, it will contribute to stabilizing its prices on the domestic market by increasing the power supply in the system” – said the president of PKN Orlen Daniel Obajtek, quoted in the company’s announcement.

As Obajtek noted, “the implementation of this extremely complex project will require close cooperation from the actors involved at every stage”. “That is why it is important that its form and rules are precisely defined. We are intensifying our efforts to develop the best solutions to ensure the success of the investment. This is of great importance in the context of Poland’s energy transformation and acceleration of its economic development” – added the president of PKN Orlen.

According to the president of PGNiG, Paweł Majewski, the conclusion by this company and PKN Orlen and Energa of an annex to the investment agreement regarding the Ostrołęka “C” power plant, which is to be built in the gas and steam technology, “is another proof that natural gas will play a key role in Poland’s energy transformation” .

“PGNiG, as the leader of the gas market in our country, is actively involved in activities aimed at reducing the emissions of the Polish energy sector, an example of which is this joint project,” Majewski said.

PKN Orlen reminded that as part of the construction of the power plant in Ostrołęka in gas technology, in January 2021 the company CCGT Ostrołęka was established, which is responsible for the implementation of the investment. The company also stressed that its involvement in this project “fits in with the strategic development plans for zero-emission and low-emission energy generation sources.” “Therefore, in May 2020, the concern, already as the owner of Energa, declared its willingness to participate in the project, but only in gas technology” – emphasized in the information.

As PKN Orlen mentioned, the agreement on the directional principles of cooperation in the construction of a gas-fired power plant in Ostrołęka was signed in June 2020, and in September PGNiG expressed the willingness to join the project, while a tripartite agreement between the company, Energa and PGNiG on implementation of the investment was signed in December 2020. In April this year, he consented to the implementation of a joint investment UOKiK.

PKN Orlen pointed out that “the construction of the CCGT unit in Ostrołęka will support the national power system”. He also pointed out that, in accordance with the assumptions of the Polish Energy Policy until 2040, in this decade alone, more than 6 GW of capacity will be excluded from the National Power System, while the demand for electricity will increase by 13%.

“The concern therefore assumes the further development of stable gas sources that will complement renewable energy sources, for example in unfavorable weather conditions” – he said PKN Orlen.


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