PKO BP with a new service. Bring the ID card close to your smartphone and it’s ready

PKO BP introduces the eDO App on the treasury bonds service

PKO BP has announced the addition of a new identity verification function using the eDO App

PKO BP has made available remote identity verification using the eDO App. For now, customers who buy Treasury bonds can benefit from it. In addition, an ID card with an electronic layer is also required.

PKO BP adds the eDO App

The eDO App was developed by the Polish Security Printing Works. It allows you to remotely confirm your identity using ID cards with an electronic layer.

– At PKO Bank Polski, we are constantly working on introducing innovative and safe solutions. We are a technology leader and have experience in digitizing services. Our clients appreciate it because the possibility of remote confirmation of identity allows them to deal with their affairs online without leaving home. We are also looking for such solutions from external suppliers. The eDO App of the Polish Security Printing Works is a tool that will allow you to buy treasury bonds safely and conveniently. I hope customers will appreciate its advantages

– says Artur Kurcweil, vice president of PKO Bank Polski.

This type of verification can be used by customers who want to buy Treasury bonds with the help of PKO BP. For this purpose, it is enough to read the QR code on the website, and then bring the e-ID to the phone and agree to the transfer of data.

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