PKO Ekstraklasa: Dominik Hładun is leaving Zagłębie Lubin. Jasmin Buric’s great comeback

The copper goalkeeper got an offer to extend the contract expiring at the end of the current season, but he did not even start negotiations because he informed the club that he was going to change the employer. – He made it fair. In the future, he wants to try his hand at another team, so he did not want to be associated with us with a new contract. For us, it is a signal that we must have a worthy successor prepared, admits Piotr Burlikowski, the director of the sports division of KGHM Zagłębie.

Hładun’s imminent departure has been talked about for at least two years, and the previous season was to be his last in Lubin. In goal he was an undisputed “one”, but he admitted himself that he needed new challenges to raise his level. His imagination was stimulated by the interest of the Legia, which was looking for someone who could replace the imported Artur Boruc. Then, however, the option to place young goalkeepers trained in the Warsaw club on the bench at Łazienkowska Street prevailed. Hładun liked the taste, but it made him even more convinced that it was time for a change. It is worth noting that when Piotr Stokowiec was the coach of Zagłębie in his first term, the player was only a double, he did not even make his debut in the league. It was only Mariusz Lewandowski who bet on him and Hładun became a full-time goalkeeper in the starting line-up also in subsequent coaches. Now Stokowiec has returned to Lubin and it so happens that the Zagłębie pupil irrevocably decided to leave in June at the latest, but now he has the right to sign a contract with another club, valid from the new season.

In Zagłębie he should be replaced by Jasmin Burić, who is well known to Polish fans. The two-time Polish champion with Lech Poznań from the beginning of the season, after a two-year adventure with Hapoel Haifa, is a free player, but the problem may be that throughout 2021 he played only in two matches. Let us add that Aleks Ławniczak, a 23-year-old defender of Warta Poznań, will play in Zagłębie in spring.

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