PKO Ekstraklasa. Grosicki show! The pursuit knocked out Lechia

PKO Ekstraklasa. It may sound strange, but the key in Saturday’s match was the change of Kamil Grosicki for Rafał Kurzawa. Kosta Runjaic fielded the former Górnik midfielder in the first line-up, but he was injured after 20 minutes of play. So Grosicki played on the left wing of the Portowców, who exposed all the weaknesses of Mateusz Żukowski from Lechia and dismantled the guests’ defense almost on his own. The former representative today made three assists, and Pogoń won 5: 1!

The meeting started badly for Lechia. In the 7th minute, Dusan Kuciak made a huge mistake. A pass to Lechia’s goalkeeper, he took the ball badly. Jean Carlos Silva caught up with her, he pledged himself and was knocked down by a Slovak. The chase didn’t even put a lot of pressure on the defenders and goalkeeper, and yet they had the easiest situation to score. Damian Dąbrowski scored with confidence from 11 meters.

Lech players were close to a draw already in the 20th minute. Żukowski threw the ball into the penalty area, but the cross was so deep that Stipica had to catch the ball almost on the goal line. He collided with the post by the way and needed a break.

The goalkeeper of Portowców did not need a substitution, but Rafał Kurzawa was forced to leave. He was replaced by Kamil Grosicki, who made the so-called “one man show”!

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