PKO Ekstraklasa. Legia Warsaw in crisis. “There is a word for the» d «”

– Where is this Legia? – asked, referring to the words of Dariusz Szpakowski, journalist from “Przegląd Sportowy” Łukasz Olkowicz in an interview with Adam Dawidziuk from the portal.

– There is a word, but we cannot say it. It starts with “d” and that’s where the Legia is. It arranged itself there, as you can see – the guest of “Mission Sport” replied.

It is known that Dariusz Mioduski wants Marek Papszun from Raków Częstochowa to become the Legia’s coach. This is to be a trainer who will receive adequate funds in Warsaw and work comfort that the last Military trainers did not have.

– The plan will be able to be implemented when some documents are signed. We both know that as long as there are no documents, we can only theorize and think that maybe it will. That is why I will believe in this plan when I see “excavators” – said Adam Dawidziuk.

Legia in the worst crisis in years

Until recently, Legia recorded a historic streak of seven defeats in a row, which was their worst result in 80 years. After the fourth of them, Czesław Michniewicz, who has been working at Łazienkowska Street for just over a year, said goodbye to Piast Gliwice on October 24. Overall, Legia has lost 11 matches in 15 matches in the current league season and is currently in the relegation zone. Last Sunday she did not score any points again, this time in a match against Cracovia.

The crisis seems to be endless, but President Dariusz Mioduski believes that Marek Papszun is the ideal candidate for Legia’s coach. He spoke about it openly in an interview with the club side, which caused a shock in the Polish football community.

– I believe that the addition of coach Papszun will be a very positive change for Legia Warszawa and that he will be able to use the full potential of our club, which today has the conditions for development at the level of leading European brands. We all want to watch the Warsaw attacking team, playing spectacularly, winning and dominating PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa, which naturally gives a chance for good matches in European cups – said Dariusz Mioduski in an interview for the club website.

Marek Papszun himself and Wojciech Cygan, the president of Raków Częstochowa, did not hide that this interview surprised them a lot.

– Indeed, today there is a lot of confusion and media hype, it is probably even an unprecedented storm. On the one hand, it’s cool, it’s nice that a person is appreciated, on the other hand, it’s also tiring, on all sides. It is a bombing of not only the media, but also the work, family and friends environment. It’s not easy, but I’m prepared for it. I am in such a moment in my life that I can deal with it – said Marek Papszun in the “Liga + Extra” program.

“The coach was given names”

Łukasz Olkowicz in “Przegląd Sportowy” revealed that the Czesław Michniewicz team was joined by players whom he had not seen in action before. He found out about the transfer from the Internet. The names of others were suggested to him to check that he was sharing information with journalists.

“He found out about the arrival of Yuri Ribeiro, Ihor Charatin, Liram Kastrati and Çelhaka from the Internet. He would never have signed these transfers, which is why, in his opinion, they did not tell him about them. (…) The coach was given the names of two players that Legia had to be interested, although in fact they were not on its transfer list “- wrote Olkowicz in the column” X-ray “in” Przegląd Sportowy “.

The “PS” journalist also revealed the details of Czesław Michniewicz’s last briefing in the Warsaw team. According to the author, it was the coach’s best speech during his work. Each word perfectly corresponded to the current situation in the team, and the coach knew the moods in it very well.

“I take those who go to war with me to Gliwice. Because it will be a war. Everyone is supposed to have their rifles pointed at the enemy, not at my back. I only take them. Those who aim at the back stay in their place” – he had speak Michniewicz during the last briefing.

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