PKP has to pay a fine. That’s seven times more than a year ago

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2021-11-25 11:29

PKP has to pay a fine for delays and overcrowded trains.  That's seven times more than a year ago
PKP has to pay a fine for delays and overcrowded trains.  That's seven times more than a year ago
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In 2021, the Ministry of Infrastructure imposed a fine of PLN 16 million on PKP Intercity for numerous delays and overcrowded trains. This is seven times more than last year.

The penalty imposed by the MI may increase even further. It concerns the period of eight months in 2021 and was the result of PKP Intercity’s failure to meet the terms of the contract regarding train delays (a total of PLN 7.57 million) and an inconsistent list of trains (PLN 6.79 million), i.e. the sale of tickets above the limit .

The problem was highlighted by the deputy of the party Lewica Together, Paulina Matysik, who is also the head of the parliamentary team for combating transport exclusion. From the reply provided by the ministry it appears that the penalty for the current year is seven times greater and the highest in five years.

– The difference in the amount of contractual penalties charged to PKP Intercity by the Ministry of Infrastructure in 2021 compared to previous years is the result of a significant increase in the level of penalties for individual items under the new ten-year PSC contract. The number of cases of irregularities in the scope of services provided has not increased, there are even fewer such situations, but the carrier incurs higher costs in this respect – argue representatives of PKP Intercity quoted by the portal

In response to the interpellations of MP Matysik, Deputy Minister Andrzej Bittel also indicated the tariff included in the contract with PKP Intercity. It shows that the highest individual penalty is awarded for punctuality at entry below 90%. – PLN 132,680 fine. The second as much the carrier has to pay if punctuality drops below 85 percent. and PLN 14 742 in addition, if the level drops below 75%. High penalties may be imposed if assistance is not provided to a disabled person – 111.6 thousand. PLN, and when PKP Intercity cancels the train and does not guarantee replacement transport – PLN 44,227.

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