PKP Intercity increases ticket prices. Here are the rates

From January 13, new ticket prices will apply to PKP Intercity trains, the company announced on Friday. Prices will rise from just over 7 percent to 15 percent. The weekend ticket offer is no longer valid, but there will be a new one for combined journeys.

“PKP Intercity adjusts ticket prices to the current market situation – increasing operating costs: higher traction energy prices or modernization of rolling stock and technical facilities as well as to the offer of regional carriers. The current update is the first system change in PKP Intercity ticket prices since 2013-2014. Modified price list. will take effect from January 13, 2022“- PKP Intercity said in Friday’s press release.

PKP Intercity – new price list in 2022

The information indicates that the base price for Express InterCity Premium (EIP) trains will be PLN 169 from January 13, and currently it is PLN 150 (an increase of slightly over 12.6% – PAP). The base price of Express InterCity (EIC) trains will increase to PLN 149 from PLN 139 (an increase of approx. 7.2% – ed.). In turn, the journey by IC and TLK trains will cost PLN 69, now it is PLN 60 (an increase of 15% – ed.).

“PKP Intercity ticket prices in force from January 13 this year will still be divided according to five thresholds. The first three are the base price with a discount of 15, 30 and 45 percent. So far, the discount was lower and amounted to 10, 20 and 30 percent. The last two thresholds ( valid only on EIP and EIC trains) is a permanent offer of ‘Promo Plus’ and ‘Super Promo’ “, according to the PKP Intercity press release.

According to the data provided by PKP IC, in the case of EIP trains, at the base price of PLN 169, the price in the 1st promotional threshold will be PLN 143.65, in the 2nd promotional threshold – PLN 118.3, and in the 3rd threshold – PLN 92.95. In the “Promo Plus” offer the price will be PLN 70 and in the case of “Super Promo” – PLN 49.

New prices

The new offer Multiprzejazd and Multiprzejazd Max

“From January 13 this year, a new offer, Multiprzejazd and Multiprzejazd Max, will be available. It will be valid from midnight on Tuesday until 3:00 PM on Thursday and will allow any number of journeys during this time. By choosing Multiprzejazd, you will be able to travel on TLK and IC trains in In the second class for PLN 119 and in the first class for PLN 159. Multiprzejazd Max covers all PKP Intercity trains. A ticket for journeys in the second class costs PLN 239, and in the first class – PLN 396 “- stated in the company’s announcement.

It added that the offer for weekend tickets is no longer valid. PKP IC indicated in the announcement that the aim was to encourage travelers to use several journeys, especially on Saturdays, while according to the company’s sales data, they were most often used “to travel back and forth at peak times”.

“In January, the number of routes on which the Cheap City Ticket was in force will decrease. The offer introduced a few years ago proposed reduced prices for routes undergoing renovation. After the completion of the modernization of railway lines, travel times on them have significantly shortened and travel conditions improved. Price lists will be updated. also season tickets “- announced in the press release of PKP IC.

“The company’s operating costs have increased significantly”

It explains that since the last change in ticket prices, the company’s operating costs have increased significantly – between 2014 and 2020, the increase in this area was over 30%. per passenger.

“The costs related to the renovation of rolling stock and parking stations have increased by over 140%. Traction energy prices have increased significantly – by about 65%. In recent years, the prices of tickets have been updated by regional carriers. some relations) were cheaper than tickets for connections of regional carriers operating on the same routes, which had longer journey times. Therefore, it was necessary to adjust the price list and adjust it to the market situation, ”stated in the PKP statement.

Main photo source: PKP Intercity

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