PKP Intercity wants to install snack machines on trains

“On November 17, 2021, due to the fact that no offer was submitted in the procedure for the delivery of 148 vending machines in the form of leasing together with their servicing and maintenance services, the company decided to cancel it” – the spokesman informed.

As she added, PKP Intercity decided to verify a different model of service provision. “On November 18, a request for information for the purchase or leasing of vending machines along with the servicing service was published. After comprehensive analyzes and evaluation of market opportunities, further steps will be taken to implement the service” – she indicated.

The request for information shows that the new machines would be installed in 60 COMBO passenger cars and in 14 EZT ED74 trains.

Photo: PKP Intercity

Train EZT ED74 PKP Intercity

According to PKP Intercity, in each of the vehicles where vending machines will be installed, there will be places for the installation of one vending machine with cold drinks and snacks, and one vending machine with hot drinks.

In the machines it will be possible to pay only without cash, with the possibility of contactless payments and the option of paying with BLIK.

In November, the Polish carrier picked up the last of the 60 ordered COMBO wagons, which were modernized by the PESA Bydgoszcz Rail Vehicles Consortium and the Mińsk Mazowiecki Railway Rolling Stock Repair Works. The contract value was PLN 310 million gross.

Photo: PKP Intercity

Train EZT ED74 PKP Intercity

The COMBO fleet consists of multifunctional carriages of a higher standard, in which the interior has been adequately soundproofed, the bogies have been replaced with new ones, family compartments have been separated, and a compartment for people with disabilities, including those in a wheelchair. The vehicle also has a non-compartment and a space where bicycles can be safely transported.

On the other hand, the EZT ED74 trains are currently being modernized. PKP Intercity ensures that passengers will drive the first two renewed vehicles of this type at the turn of 2021 and 2022.

In total, PKP Intercity has commissioned the modernization of 14 electric ED74 vehicles, which are being rebuilt by the consortium of Zakłady Repair Taboru Kolejowego “Mińsk Mazowiecki” and PESA Bydgoszcz. The gross value of the order is PLN 274.8 million.

Passengers on the modernized ED74 trains will benefit from with air conditioning, comfortable armchairs and Wi-Fi. Each place will have access to an electrical outlet. In addition, cell signal amplifiers will be installed in each depot.

All 14 modernized electric multiple units are to be delivered by June 2023.

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