PKP ticket prices go up. “The cost of energy has increased by 65%.”

PKP Intercity increases ticket prices. Reason? Increase in energy prices. The new price list will apply from January 13.

The Cheap City Ticket disappears

Along with the change of the price list, PKP Intercity has canceled the Ticket Taniomiastowy on some routeswhich was a temporary solution. This offer, introduced a few years ago, made it possible to buy a ticket at a lower price for routes undergoing renovation.

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The company announces in a press release that “after the completion of the modernization of the railway lines, the travel conditions improved, hence from January 13, the number of routes for which the Cheap City Ticket was valid has been decreasing“For example, this offer is no longer valid on the routes: Warsaw – Łódź, Kraków – Katowice, Tricity – Olsztyn, Poznań – Wrocław.

It is worth remembering that travelers who are entitled to statutory discounts can buy tickets with an additional discount, e.g. 51%. in the case of students or 37 percent. for holders of the Large Family Card.

Statutory discounts are combined with trade discounts, e.g. with the Promo offer. Thanks to this, a Pendolino trip, for example between Warsaw Central and Gdańsk Główny, can cost only PLN 24 for students. “It is worth following promotions for Express InterCity or Express InterCity Premium train tickets in the carrier’s special search engine “- informs the PKP Intercity company.


Ticket prices jump by 10-15 percent.

At the end of last year, the regional carriers also raised ticket prices. Most – on average by 10 percent. – tickets on the trains of the largest carrier – Polregio became more expensive and in Koleje Dolnośląskie. In the case of the former, a much greater jump in prices – as much as 15%. – concerns shorter, ie very popular, sections, eg 21-25 km. About 5 percent Ticket prices of Koleje Mazowieckie have increased. The companies explain the increases with high inflation and an increase in energy costs, incl. fuels and electricity.

– Apart from the increase in salaries and rolling stock maintenance costs, energy prices are the fastest growing cost item. In the years 2019-2021, the total cost of purchasing traction energy increased by almost 50%. – explained Bartłomiej Rodak, spokesman of Koleje Dolnośląskie.




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