Places given to the bushes: many tremble in the Democratic Party. From Boldrini to Cirinnà, who can stay at home

Many outgoing dem parliamentarians are likely to stay at home due to the distribution that Enrico Letta has decided. The secretary of the Democratic Party is promising candidacies, and in some cases armored seats, left and right. The actors to please are not few: Calenda, with 30% of the uninominal per share, Fratoianni and Bonelli, who in the end will remain in coalition with their respective parties, the former M5S of the minister Federico D’Incà and of the former group leader Davide Crippa, the dimaiani of Civic Commitment who in the meantime have found the square with Bruno Tabacci, Article One by Roberto Speranza, Democrazia Solidale (the formation born around the Community of Sant’Egidio), the Italian Socialist Party, any and further ecological formations and etc.

The loser will be the Nazarene who, between the reform that led to the cutting of the parliamentarians and Letta’s desire to keep together as many worlds as possible, will be able to count on a smaller troop than expected. Near the Roman palaces, a list circulates with the names of those who, after being elected in the last political elections, would be at risk or would have already lost their jobs.

Many of the names that are whispered belong to the Correntone di Base Riformista: from the secretariat of the governor of the Lazio Region Nicola Zingaretti onwards, the area in question has struggled to find space. After all, the composition of the lists, five years ago, was the responsibility of Matteo Renzi, who then left the Democratic Party and founded Italia Viva. The same party to which many of those who were considered very loyal to the former prime minister, however, did not join. A case that has already bounced in the press is that of Luca Lotti: the former Renziano doc was not proposed by the Tuscan secretariats. It will be the Nazarene to decide whether to nominate Lotti or not, but the territories have already sent a precise signal. Senator Dario Stefano, who is the main internal opponent of the president of Puglia Michele Emiliano, may not be reappointed.

The axis, between the dem, has shifted to the left. Former education minister Valeria Fedeli could also greet Parliament. The list of probable outgoing candidates also includes senators Salvatore Margiotta, Stefano Collina, Eugenio Comincini, Alan Ferrari, Andrea Ferrazzi, Roberto Rampi and Francesco Verducci.

Senator Monica Cirinnà, on the other hand, is not an exponent who can be ascribed to the liberal-democratic area of ​​the Democratic Party but has lost political weight due to the less space that should be reserved for Goffredo Bettini, the current leader of Cirinnà. There are other important names that may not be reconfirmed: the former Defense Minister Roberta Pinotti and the former Speaker of the House Laura Boldrini are the most high-sounding ones. Who would be about to return to Parliament, however, is Gianni Cuperlo, who should take the place of the deputy Barbara Pollastrini.

The feeling is that Enrico Letta, who after the political elections will in all probability also have to deal with the national congress (which will not be an easy appointment for the “front runner”), wants to transform the Democratic Party through the electoral appointment. Now the party is anything but in the image and likeness of its summit, which is governed by a majority that had chosen Zingaretti and which has to deal with dozens and dozens of parliamentarians who had found a place on the list during Renzi’s management. However the elections end, the boxes will also be counted in the Nazarene.

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