Plane crashes in northern Greece, fireball in the dark: the dramatic video of the crash

A airplane cargo crashed in the north of Greece. The news is reported by the Greek news agency Ana, which places the disaster in the vicinity of Paleochori Kavalas. Ana also reported some statements from several eyewitnesses who reported that the aircraft was on fire and that they heard the explosion. On twitter emerge the videos of the tragedy in which we see a fireball in the darkness of the sky crashing to the ground.

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The freight flight was traveling between Serbia and Jordan, according to media reports, and would have asked to be able to make an emergency landing at the Greek airport of Kavalas, without being able to reach it. According to the Ert broadcaster, it was a Ukrainian Antonov aircraft. It is still unclear how many crew members were on board and what they were carrying. Eyewitnesses claimed to have seen the plane go down in flames.

The toll: eight deaths

The aircraft, an Antonov An-12, had on board eight people who lost their lives in the crash. According to local media, the Antonov was carrying 12 tons of toxic material that gave off poisonous fumes, so residents in the area were told to keep the windows closed and not to turn on the air conditioning. According to some reports, on board the plane, which took off from Nis in Serbia and headed for Amman in Jordan, there were ammunition, so much so that according to some witnesses, several explosions were heard after the crash.

The pilot had requested an emergency landing at Kavala airport due to an engine failure, but he never got there by crashing about 40 kilometers from the airport. Mobile phone images taken by residents showed the plane on fire even before the crash. A large deployment of firefighters, ambulances and police initially arrived at the crash site, but rescuers left shortly thereafter, ordering reporters and bystanders to leave immediately. A firefighter told state broadcaster ERT that they were waiting for special forces and that two colleagues had been taken to the hospital with breathing difficulties.

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