Planet 19: solution textile in times of COVID-19


For about 32 years, Mireya Pinillaa woman with a passion for the design of spaces, gave his life to the decoration of the dressing room and worked behind the scenes in events for such figures as Elton John, Barack Obama, Shakira, Juanes, Paris Hilton and Carlos Vives.

One of his greatest achievements throughout his career has been the creation of the lounge rooms, an ideal place for rest VIP of the artists, allowing a full experience of comfort.

To also face the pandemic by the COVID-19, and thanks to his great wit, Mireya decided to create garments that could accompany the outfits to go out to the street.

Where does the idea of Planet 19?
Planet 19 is born in the quarantine, when they send us to meet the required isolation. He went out to the street to buy food, saw the people and I thought that all the time I was going to get sick.
With Alvaro Galeano, a great friend, we decided to create this project, since it was necessary to change our way of life.
For us it is a beginning on which we must all be involved, is focused on the wellness, health and prevention.

Its name is attributed to the current situation that is living humanity due to the spread of the coronavirus.
The planet stops with COVID-19. Planet 19 is the new beginning and new life.

Where does the inspiration for ‘Saudi Blessed’?
The original idea was born on how can we cover up, without a face mask, taking into account materials that actually comply with the biosecurity protocols for protecting the consumer.
We refer to the east, there culturally, women cover their face and so we begin to evaluate the parts.
We’re doing a tribute to this region.

They have a great variety, as Mireya wanted to call them: pashmina Dubai, pashmina tie dye, silk dubai, hood and sleeve dubai eyes as well and jersey basics. Approximately two weeks it takes the development of these parts.
Chose to work with two fabrics, such as cotton and silk, friendly to any outfit and, in particular, thinking of clothes that could be used for the various climates of the country.

The expectations are very high after its launch, expect future, all colombian homes, also, to export. And although there has been nothing easy, because they had to reinvent themselves-as one of the most used words during the quarantine-there is no doubt that this process has been enriching. Starting from scratch in the midst of a global pandemic, will never be easy.

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