Plants: How to make a homemade fertilizer with green juice so that your orchids flourish and do not die?

Beautiful and long lasting orchids? make that flourish and that don’t die preparing a homemade fertilizer with green juice so that your floors I know keep alive for a long time. Take advantage of all the nutrients contained in this famous drink and take care of yourself garden with her. Bring something to point this tip of gardening and don’t miss it!

For grow plantsthat they are beautiful, that flourishwhat do not dry up or die, There are many fertilizers with cooking ingredients they work perfectly. The one I will recommend today is ideal for orchidsa special care plant that can be put sad easily if it is not taken care of properly.

What is green juice and what is it for?

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The green juice It is a drink made mainly with celery, spinach, apple, pear, ginger, lemon and parsley; Also, she is rich in vitamins and minerals and some people use it to lose weight and stay healthy.

Benefits of green juice for orchids

The green juice is rich in calcium, nitrogen and zinc, so that:

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Stimulates its growth and prevent them from drying out.

help them flourish appropriately and with intense colors.

-Keeps them alive longer.

What is fertilizer?

The Fertilizer is a fertilizer that is added to the soil. of succulents, cacti and plants in general, in order to increase nutrients and make them grow more productively.

How to use green juice on plants?

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It is very easy to use the green juice What fertilizer: you just have to prepare this drink and deposit it in the soil of your plant once a month. Take care not to empty so much on your orchid so that it is absorbed quickly.

Over time, you will notice that your plant is furywith flowers beautiful and more alive than ever. Use the green juice to have the orchids most beautiful.

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