Play: security services are provided by an Israeli company

Security services at Play are provided by an Israeli company

A few days ago, Play announced the introduction of new services to ensure the security of its users on the web. Today, the operator and the provider of this solution provided several technical details of the service.

Play has introduced a security package with access to three services: Safe internet, Safe Wi-Fi and antivirus, Chat with Cyber ​​Ekspertem. The first one is available separately or as part of a package that combines all three services.

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Chat with a Cyber ​​Expert is a service they provide specialists from CyberRescue from Warsaw. But what’s the backbone for other new Play services?

It turns out that when introducing security services, Play started cooperation with the Israeli company Allot. It is a global provider of network intelligence solutions as well Security as a Service (SECaaS) for communication operators.

An Israeli company has developed its own platform Allot Securewhich provides mobile users with a unified a suite of cybersecurity services on and off the network, including configuration, reporting and alarm management. Currently, Play offers two solutions from the Allot range: NetworkSecure and EndpointSecure.

NetworkSecure is a network solution that provides contactless and customer-free service that does not require the installation of any applications by the end customer. Thanks to the NetworkSecure Play solution, it can offer its customers protection against cyber threats, including malware, viruses, phishing and ransomware.

NetworkSecure solution supplemented with EndpointSecure solution by Allot, which protects customers against cyber threats, even while they are out of network coverage the Play operator.

Allot has been in the security market for many years, and a decade ago it got loud when its internet monitoring platform hit in violation of sanctions against Iran. However, a subsequent Israeli Ministry of Defense investigation found that Allot equipment was secretly sold to Iran by one Danish companywho was a client of Allot.

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