Play will stand up for you like soldiers on the border

Play will protect against online threats

Play introduces new services to protect customers against dangers on the Internet. The operator offers a security package with access to three services: Safe Internet, Safe Wi-Fi and Antivirus, Chat with a Cyber ​​Expert.

Play introduces new services that the operator believes will increase online security. The offer was created in two variants depending on the needs and expectations of the client.

The first variant is the service itself Safe internet. According to Play’s assurances, it increases security on the Internet when surfing the internet on the purple web. It detects threats and blocks them before they reach the client’s device. It recognizes the dangers of suspicious websites that might infect your device or phishing banking data or passwordsa, for example, to social networks or mail.

The service uses a constantly updated database of threats. In the event that the customer wants to visit the website where the dangers are detected, a notification will be displayed on your phone warning about the threat.

Using the Safe Internet service it does not require any applications to be installed and configured or special settings on the device. After activation, it is automatically enabled in the network layer on the number belonging to the customer. As part of the service, the client also receives access to special reports where he can check how many threats he has avoided.

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Play security package

Play also introduces comprehensive servicewhich is supposed to provide even more control over threats. Security package includes three solutions to help protect against online dangers. A service is also part of the package Safe internet. The Security Package includes:

  • Safe Wi-Fi and antivirus – an application that protects against online dangers also when connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Thanks to it, the customer can log into the external network with a greater sense of security. The application blocks unsafe websites and applications. To use it, it is necessary to install an external application on devices with Android and iOS systems.
  • Chat with a Cyber ​​Expert – access to a special chat with an expert who is at the customer’s disposal in case of doubts or problems. The expert will check the links that the client wants to open and will also help when his device becomes infected. In addition, he will constantly take care of the client’s safety, informing him about current threats on the network. Chat with a Cyber ​​Expert is a service provided by specialists from CyberRescue. To receive notifications and be able to contact an expert, it is enough to start a conversation on Messenger.
  • Safe internet, i.e. the service described above.

Services can activate at any time and are available to people using subscription, MIX and pre-paid offers. Using the services for the first month is free of charge, while after this date Safe Internet costs PLN 6 per month, while the Security Package is PLN 10 per month. From services you can opt-out at any time.

Customers who sign up for a subscription can count on a special offer a new contract or extend the current one. If they choose Safe Internet for the entire term of their contract, then the monthly service fee will be only PLN 3.99 per month.

Service activation is possible in the Play24 application, showrooms or by calling 790 500 500.

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