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Minecraft it is meant to do two things: collect and create. If the first part is all in all simple, it is with the second that various players have performed in works of an incredible level, proposing reproductions of real or imaginary places. Now, someone has decided to literally aim for the stars and created the universe in Minecraft. You can see a dedicated video above, in which he also explains the creative process.

We don’t think we need to specify it, but it is not a 1: 1 scale reproduction. We don’t believe there is a computer and servers that can handle something like this (although the GeForce 4090s should do it considering how much this custom costs). Beyond the jokes, this is a very interesting and high quality project: Minecraft fans on Reddit are praising what has been achieved.

In the video we see what has been achieved, including a black hole, the Solar System, a Super Cluster (supercluster of galaxies) and more. It is above all an artistic and non-playful creation, but it has value also (and above all?) For this reason. In total, it took two months of work for this world of Minecraft.

The creators of Minecraft know how to make incredible products, such as Chungus 2, a Redstone computer that travels at 1 Hz and allows you to play Minecraft inside Minecraft.

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