Players from teams eliminated in Phase 1 can play in Serie B in a ‘new transfer window’

Campinas, SP, 17 (AFI) – according to the regulations of CBF 12 squad changes for 2023 season Brazilian Serie C Championship Teams that have not progressed to the end of August can sign a contract with a Serie B club to play in the final phase of the season.

The first stage of the third domestic division ends on August 26, with all 20 teams on the field simultaneously at 4:00 pm for the Round of 19.

Players who did not advance from the stage will now be able to play in Serie B (Photo: Disclosed)

Series C players in Series B?

Between 3rd and 15th September, following the CBF’s changes, the players from the 12 teams remaining outside the quadrangle will be able to sign professional contracts with clubs in the second division, both on loan and permanently. . Compliant with National Registration and Transfer Rules for Athletes in March.

However, Serie C players can only occupy eight of the 50 slots each club can register for players to compete in federation competitions.

So far, Brusque-SC and Operario-PR have been classified and will play the second phase of Serie C, while Floresta-CE, Manaus-AM, USA-RN and the two relegated teams Five teams are already out of promotion. Altos-PI and Pouso Alegre-MG.


Regulations changed, allowing series c players to compete in series b

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