Playoff Russia – Poland. Spiridonov and an MP from the Duma lead a hunt against Rybus

– I said a long time ago that Poles hate us, so they can talk about us, what only saliva will bring on their tongue. I see no wonder in this – he was indignant after the statement of Rybus Spiridonov. – As for the consequences drawn against the player, it is not for us to decide. There are club authorities, there is the board of the Russian Football Association.

– I believe that such statements should be curtailed. Especially if you live in Russia, you play for a Russian club and you get paid for it. Let the competent authorities decide how to react – explained the famous volleyball player.

State Duma MP Vitaly Milonov went even further.

– He’s a Pole, after all. Rybus is not talking about his club, but about our representation. In general, the Polish national team – a funny definition. This is a signal that all these exotic characters that we buy with heavy money and who take the place of our youth are useless temporary workers – attacked Rybusa Miłonow.

Of course he hit the fence with a bullet. Maciej has been playing in Russia for nine years, he has proven himself in Terek, he does not fail in Lokomotiv, so it is difficult to call him useless, and certainly not temporary, especially since he has a Russian wife.

– They’re not ready to play for real. They are actors, animators. The sooner we get rid of Rybus, the better. A man who speaks in this way about our national team necessarily has a similar attitude towards our clubs, including Lokomotiv – Miłonow blurted out. – I especially don’t understand why he needs Lokomotiv? Could this club not be able to do without him: after all, Lokomotiv has its own football academy and a good background in the youth.

Since the MP spends the time and shoots the campaign against the Polish representative Rybus in Russia, it can be seen that what we did not want has happened – politics is entering the Russian-Poland sports rivalry with dirty shoes.

What did Maciej Rybus fall for? Did he actually offend the Russians? After the play-offs were drawn, “Rybka” gave an interview to editor Wojciech Piela from the Weszł portal.

– First of all – for sporting reasons, I took this draw positively. Let’s face it, we could have hit worse. Russia is a team to play. It’s not Portugal, it’s not Italy. I watched the last matches of the Russians and I think that they do not represent an excessively high level, although a draw in the last match of the group stage gave them a direct promotion to the world championship. But it the meeting with Croatia was one hundred percent defensive in their performance. It is known, a match on water and in difficult conditions. I know all the Russian representatives, we also played a friendly match with them before the European Championship. At that time, Artiom Dziuba was still in the team, he was doing the job, but is currently not being appointed due to a conflict with coach Karpin – said Rybus.

– Anyway, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Russia is a solid, physically strong, run out team, but if we play our ball against England, for example, there should be no problems – added the defender of the “White and Reds”.

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Fortunately, Lokomotiv does not seem to react to the campaign led by Spiridonov and MP Miłonow against Rybus.

– Maciej was just joking to make us angry. He did well, he did everything right. It’s just a joke, nothing more. I know him well, he likes to joke. So I’m sure it’s just a good mood, there’s nothing wrong with these words – said former Lokomotiv coach Yuri Sjomin.

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The attack on Rybus was also opposed by Andrei Czerwiczenko – the former owner of Spartak.

– First, we need to separate national Russophobia from the attitude of individual athletes, footballers, to us. Most Poles do not know their attitude towards Russians, but they do not like Russia. Poland is basically a country of Russophobes, which does not mean that every Pole shares such views – emphasized Czerwiczenko.

– That is why I think that it is a great foolishness to attack a man for the fact that he loves his homeland and believes that his representation is stronger than ours. The more so because also in my opinion, having Robert Lewandowski, Poles are actually stronger than us. Our leader Artjom Dziuba does not even want to play in “Sborna”, and even with Lewandowski in class, there is no point in even comparing him. Somehow I do not remember that in the last 30 years any of the Russian players was considered as a candidate for the Golden Ball. And Lewandowski now only somehow did not get it and most experts believe that an injustice has happened – analyzes the former owner of Spartak Moscow.

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– That’s why you shouldn’t attack Rybus. All the more so, the Duma deputies should not do it. My view is that if Lewandowski is on the pitch, Poland will be a stronger team than ours. Therefore, the more pleasant it will be to eliminate it. Poland is slightly stronger, but Lewandowski makes a difference just as Andrei Shevchenko previously did his job in Ukraine. This is a situation in which the result of the entire team depends on one player, so Poland with Lewandowski and without him are two significantly different teams – believes Czerwiczenko.

However, he adds that all Poles appearing in the Russian Premier League look good.

– Honestly speaking, I do not remember any Pole from our league who would present himself poorly. Starting with the perfectly defending Wojciech Kowalewski, ending with Sebastian Szymański from Dynamo, the aforementioned Rybus and Grzegorz Krychowiak. I do not understand what to be offended here. Each of these players is the leader of his team, he presents good football – Chervichenko proves that not everyone in Russia has lost their minds.

– In our country there are many fools in the service, they do what they like. However, I believe that nothing like this should happen, because it is assumed to be wrong. Wrong on all sides. You cannot punish a man and put any pressure on him if he is a patriot of his homeland and is convinced of the strength of his representation, argues Andrei Chervichenko.

Let’s be honest, Maciej Rybus did not say anything controversial. Oh, he expressed the normal opinion of a football expert about “Sborna”. It is difficult to see anything wrong with it, which is why the attack of people such as Spiridonov or Milonov is completely incomprehensible.

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Play-off match for the 2022 Russia-Poland World Cup will be played on March 24, 2022.

If “Biało-Czerwoni” wins, they will be the hosts of the match against the winner of the Sweden – Czech Republic match. The final of the play-offs is scheduled for March 29.

The Russia – Poland match will start at 18.

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