Playoffs for the 2022 World Cup. Will the Polish national team breathe a sigh of relief? FIFA wants to make changes to the regulations

The rules for the qualifying round for next year’s World Cup were very strict. Already two yellow cards have resulted in a suspension, and the cards seen during the group competition are transferred to the play-offs.

As many as 107 players take part in the play-offs with one individual admonition on their account!

If in the semi-finals one of them sees another yellow card, if they win, they will not support the team in the final.

However, such situations may not occur. According to ESPN, FIFA will most likely agree to an amnesty, i.e. the cancellation of yellow cards scored in the qualifying round, if UEFA asks for it.

Turkey would benefit the most from such a move. As many as 13 of her players are on the list of at risk of absenteeism.

In the Polish national team – as in the national team of Italy, Sweden and North Macedonia – 10 players must be on guard. Our team includes: Kamil Glik, Michał Helik, Bartosz Bereszyński, Karol Świderski, Damian Szymański, Arkadiusz Milik, Adam Buksa, Tomasz Kędziora, Matty Cash and Tymoteusz Puchacz.

It is worth noting that Glik – perhaps due to the impending suspension – did not play in the 1-2 game lost to Hungary, in which we missed a chance to be seeded in the play-offs. If a possible amnesty had been announced earlier, the Benevento player might have run to the pitch of PGE Narodowy, and the result of the match would have been completely different …

However, this is just a football “whenbology”. The fact is that Poland has to fight while being a non-seeded team.

The draw-off pair will be drawn on November 26. The ceremony is scheduled to start at 5 p.m.

The semi-final matches of the play-offs are scheduled for March 24 and 25, while the finals will be held on March 28 and 29. The semi-final will be hosted by the seeded team and the final host will be drawn by lot.

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