PlayStation 5 in RTV Euro AGD. Large selection of!

The RTV Euro AGD store has introduced a lot of configurations to its offer, in which you can buy a PlayStation 5 console. Which one to choose and is it worth doing it now?

If you haven’t bought your PlayStation 5 yet, this is your chance to do so. The RTV Euro AGD store has introduced a lot of sets to its offer, which (taking into account the situation on the market) look pretty good. In addition, next to each of the sets there is information about the possibility of installment purchases in the promotion, where the first two installments are paid for by the store.

Orders can only be placed by phone, and one person can buy one console. This is definitely a sensible approach that protects players from scalpers.

PlayStation 5 in RTV Euro AGD:

Is it worth buying a PlayStation 5?

When you buy a PlayStation 5, you probably won’t be bored. Sony has prepared a welcome package in the form of PlayStation Collection, as part of which it offers access to the greatest hits from PlayStation 4.

In addition, as every month, you can take advantage of the offer for people who pay a PlayStation Plus subscription. In this matter, Sony has not disappointed for a long time – now you can add free games for PS4 and PS5 as part of the PS Plus offer for November 2021. Sony has also prepared a great surprise for PlayStation 5 owners who, apart from playing, like to relax with a good movie or series .

Is it worth buying a PlayStation 5 now? It all depends on what set and what games you want. Unfortunately, there is nothing to be fussy about at the moment. It seems that the problems with the availability of consoles will persist, so in the coming months you should probably not count on consoles without the obligatory additions.

However, it is worth considering whether there is really a need to change the old generation to the new one now. Contrary to many opinions regarding the lack of next-gen games, the gaming experience is definitely better, largely thanks to fast SSD drives, both in Microsoft and Sony consoles.

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